Police Group: Attacks on Police Up 91% Since Last Year

Police units respond on scene.
MattGush/Getty Images

The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) announced on Twitter Thursday that attacks on police have risen drastically in the past year.

The group declared men and women law enforcement officers have seen a surge in ambush-style attacks, rising 91 percent from 2020.

So far this year, the FOP says there have been 150 officers shot, along with 28 officers killed by gunfire. The group also acknowledged there have been 51 officers shot in 50 ambush-style attacks just this year.

In all of 2020, they said there were “60 law enforcement officers were shot in 48 separate ambushes, and 12 died as a result of being ambushed.” That data was published in the 2020 Year-End Summary of Law Enforcement Officers Shot in the Line of Duty.

The published report defined ambush-style attacks as those “carried out with an element of surprise and intended to deprive officers of the ability to defend against the attack.”

In a study done by the Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington policy institute, they found that from April 2020 to April 2021, “retirements were up 45 percent and resignations rose by 18 percent in the year.” Those numbers were compared to the previous 12 months.

Recently the FOP also blasted politicians and the media for gaslighting the public with anti-police rhetoric. “As Violent Crime SURGES across American,” the FOP tweeted, “some politicians and some in the media are gaslighting the public into thinking the Police are the Problem…” They include a graphic that showed statistics of the crime surging in major cities.


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