Staten Island Father Accused of Secretly Recording Nude Videos of Live-In Nanny

Kelly Andrade
Derek Smith Law Group

A Staten Island father allegedly secretly filmed numerous nude videos of his live-in nanny, the New York Post reported Saturday.

He then reportedly tried to break open her door after discovering the hidden camera in her room, the young woman claimed in a lawsuit.

According to court documents, she was so afraid her employer might be armed with a gun, she leapt from a window to escape the situation.

Twenty-five-year-old Kelly Andrade “immediately” reported the dad of four children, Michael Esposito, to police who arrested him on March 24 regarding a felony charge of unlawful surveillance.

The report continued:

The Colombian native said she underwent hundreds of hours of training before being hired by Cultural Care Au Pair and coming to America, where the company placed her in the $800,000 waterfront Tottenville home of Esposito, the owner of three LaRosa Grill franchises, and his wife, Danielle. She was excited for the job, which gave her a chance to learn English and embrace a new culture, said Andrade, who spoke to The Post through an interpreter.

The family gave her a bedroom to use while she cared for their children, however, Andrade claimed she kept finding Esposito in the room, touching the smoke detector that “was constantly being repositioned,” the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit noted.

A few weeks into her employment, she examined the detector and found a camera inside along with a memory card loaded with “hundreds of recordings,” most showing her “nude and/or dressing/undressing,” she alleged in the filing.

Minutes after the discovery, Esposito arrived, according to the young woman and court papers.

“He seemed very nervous and he seemed very worried when he arrived to the house,” she commented.

Andrade attempted to pretend she was asleep in an effort to get him to leave, but he reportedly banged on the door.

“I need to get away,” she recalled, and said she injured her knees in the jump from the first-floor window that was over an above-ground basement.

“I ran until I got far enough, where I felt safe enough to stop,” she continued, adding she searched online with her phone for a police station where she reported what happened and gave officials the memory card.

Cultural Care Au Pair did not reach out to help, alleged Andrade.

The organization’s website said an au pair “is a young adult from overseas who lives with your family on a legal visa for up to two years and provides childcare in exchange for a weekly stipend, room and board, and an opportunity to become part of an American family.”

Esposito was eventually let go on his own recognizance, and the cameras were installed for security, not placed in a bedroom or dressing room, Esposito’s lawyer reportedly claimed.

“Andrade is suing the Espositos and Cultural Care for unspecified damages claiming discrimination and a hostile work environment, and calling Esposito’s behavior ‘extreme and outrageous.'” the Post article concluded.


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