Mississippi Cop Busted for Allegedly Stealing Sneakers While in Uniform

Robin Conner
Robin Conner/Facebook, Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

A Mississippi police officer was arrested by her own chief after allegedly attempting to walk out of a sporting goods store with stolen shoes on her feet.

Robin Conner, 33, had served with the Columbus Police Department for two years when she was busted Wednesday at a Dick’s Sporting Goods for allegedly trying to steal a $140 pair of tennis shoes, Chief Joseph Daughtry told the Columbus Dispatch.

Not only was Conner on duty when the incident occurred — she was in uniform. 

When a Dick’s employee stopped Conner from leaving and called 911 to report a uniformed officer trying to shoplift, dispatchers called a supervisor at Conner’s own precinct.

“Myself, the assistant chief, and the captain over patrol all responded,” Daughtry said. 

Conner was taken into custody in her own squad car, reports WTVA.

“We’re putting her in jail,” said the chief. “It’s embarrassing for the department, but we’re going to treat her like we would anybody else.”

The disgraced cop was first placed on administrative leave but was soon fired when the Columbus city council unanimously voted to remove her on Thursday.

Conner has been charged with misdemeanor shoplifting for stealing goods worth less than $1,000 and was given an $862 surety bond, WCBI reported.

“We have a job to do, and we’re held to a higher standard. And the community is just starting to trust us, and to take this gut punch really hurts. That’s why we fulfilled our obligation, not only to the store but to the community,” said Daughtry.

Conner happily commemorated “National Law Enforcement Day” in January with several smiling photos in uniform:

Happy National law enforcement day💙💙💙

Posted by Robin Conner on Tuesday, January 9, 2024


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