Lloyd Blankfein Says He Would ‘Bury the Hatchet’ with Elizabeth Warren

Cute portrait of native american boys with costumes, playing outdoor in the park with bow, arrows and hatchet on sunset, summertime
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Lloyd Blankfein, the former head of Goldman Sachs, appeared to once again mock Elizabeth Warren for having identified as a Native American.

“If I could, I would just bury the hatchet,” Blankfein said in an interview on CNBC Tuesday.

The phrase “bury the hatchet” is thought to have originated with a practice by some Native American tribes of literally burying a hatchet to mark the end of hostilities. It is now commonly used in American English to refer to a reconciliation.
Senator Warren apologized in August for the “harm I have caused” by identifying herself as Native American.
Blankfein’s hatchet comment came five days after he accused Warren of vilifying groups of people and said that “maybe tribalism is just in her DNA.”

Blankfein ran Goldman from 2006 until retiring at the end of 2018. He is now senior chairman of the firm.

Blankfein was one of the billionaires featured in her latest political ad, which aired on CNBC on Thursday. The ad calls for a wealth tax and features clips of billionaires criticizing Warren. Warren ran the ad after several weeks of criticizing and responding to criticism from Wall Street billionaire Leon Cooperman.


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