Poll: Republicans Keep Lead in Battle with Democrats for House Control

WASHINGTON DC, Democratic Mule and Republican Elephant statues symbolize American 2-part Political system in front of Willard Hotel. (Photo by: Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Democrats were gaining on the Republicans’ lead as the parties fight for control of the House, but a recent poll shows a shift in momentum as the midterm elections approach.

CBS News reported Sunday that the “Republicans’ House lead has stabilized today at 224 seats to the Democrats’ 211,” according to CBS News/YouGov polling analysis.

The reason, according to the outlet, was the crumbling economy in President Joe Biden’s (D) America that has burdened citizens with worries about their financial situation.

The battleground tracker found 65 percent of registered voters said the economy is getting worse.

“More voters feel the Democrats’ policies have been harmful rather than helpful to the economy, including independents. And two-thirds of registered voters overall think the Biden administration could be doing more to combat inflation,” the report continued.

The survey was performed with a nationally representative sample of over 2,000 registered voters from October 12-14 and the margin of error was ± 2.4 points.

Rising gas prices, the recession, and skyrocketing crime are the main issues for voters in the upcoming midterm elections, a Rasmussen Reports poll found in August.

Breitbart News reported:

Ninety-two percent are concerned about rising gas prices, while 68 percent are very concerned. Ninety-one percent are concerned about President Joe Biden’s economic recession. Sixty-six are very concerned. And 86 percent are concerned about violent crime. Sixty-one percent are very concerned.

The polling comes as Republicans are looking to retake the House and the Senate. The House is more likely to flip Republican than the Senate because the GOP in 2022 is defending far more key Senate battleground states than Democrats are.

Meanwhile, approximately one-third of Americans say they feel “more enthusiastic” about casting their vote during the midterms, a survey from The Economist/YouGov found earlier this month.

“Republicans are more enthusiastic to vote in this year’s midterm than Democrats — 46 percent to the Democrats’ 40 percent,” according to Breitbart News.


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