No Joke: Leftist Org Puts On ‘Critical Race Theory Summer School’ Conference

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The African American Policy Forum is hosting a “Critical Race Theory Summer School” conference, which will teach children how to become activists and malign parents’ rights as a form of racism and sexism.

Taking place from July 18th to the 22nd, the virtual conference will feature various sessions hosted by critical race theorists and leftwing activists.

The conference’s description reads “The anti-critical race theory movement has gained both ideological and political support leading to bills and school district policies that limit the depth and breadth of teacher’s curricula.”

The description also lays blame on the right for “a cacophony of socio-political discourse and racial discord” that the group claims has been caused by the backlash against critical race theory. 

One topic — “Developing the Next Generation of CRT Activists” — will focus on training children to become leftist racial activists. “Students will graduate from this channel with the hard and soft skills necessary to be effective advocates and activists for CRT and anti-racist curriculum in their classrooms and communities,” the description explains. 

The conference is also framing parents’ rights as a force for racism and patriarchy. A talk on the “rise of white nationalism” will focus on the “mobilization of ‘parents rights’ as a way to advance racist, heteropatriarchal policies in schools.” 

One session, titled “Strange Bedfellows: The Left/Right Convergence that Enabled the Normalization of White Nationalism,” claims that discussion about reverse racism, individual liberty, and states’ rights “has moved white grievance to the center of American politics.”

Another conference topic, titled “From Agonizing to Organizing: Concrete Steps to Fight Back,” makes the claim that school curriculums are currently in the hands of “white nationalists, school privatization architects, and anti-gay and transphobic activists seeking to normalize exclusion.” 

The Critical Race Theory Summer School features critical race theorist Kimberle Crenshaw, who is the Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum. Kirsten West Savali will also present at the event. She has maligned “white conservatives,” calling them “deeply selfish, violent, racist, disingenuous, and willfully ignorant.”

Pamela Shifman, the president of Democracy Alliance, is another featured guest. Democracy Alliance is a donor network funded in part by George Soros. 

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