California School District to Pay $50K for Critical Race Theory Training


A Critical Race Theorist will be paid $50k by California’s Ravenswood City School District to teach educators about “white supremacy culture” and “settler colonialism.” 

A vendor agreement reviewed by Breitbart News reveals that Joe Truss, a diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) consultant is set to be paid $50,000 for providing “racial equity” trainings to the East Palo Alto school district. 

A summary of the agreement lists the services that Truss will provide the district with. The DIE consultant is tasked with teaching the Ravenswood Leadership Team, including principals and assistant principals, about the lexicon of Critical Race Theory, with focus on terms like “equity, racism, bias, discrimination, privilege, settler colonialism, tokenization, antiracism, culturally responsive teaching, ethnic studies, and white supremacy culture.”

He will also work on other objectives that the leadership team has, which includes developing “Antiracist Interruptions of Racist Comments” and conducting an “Equity audit of norms and accountability structures.” 

The leadership team is also set to receive guidance from the DIE consultant on “dealing with resistance.” Truss will also assist teachers as they work to “infuse ethnic studies tenets into curriculum and pedagogy.”

The agreement states that the district will pay Truss Leadership, LLC $50,000 in exchange for a monthly meeting with the district’s equity team, nine professional development sessions, and four keynotes and all-district trainings to achieve these ends.

A presentation called the “Superintendent Reportexplained that “Truss facilitated the work around antiracist leadership focusing on two essential questions.” One of the questions was “How have I been impacted by White Supremacy Culture (WSC) and how have I perpetuated WSC?”

The training, which brought together staff from across the district, also asked “Where can we find and interrupt WSC in schools?” One of the goals from the training was to “make White Supremacy Culture more visible in our school” while another was to “identify focal areas for increasing anti-racist practices.” Another stated objective was to “become more skilled at identifying racist practices.”

A financial activity report from the San Mateo County Office of Education reveals that Truss has received at least $26,000 of the $50,000 sum across six different payments.

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