California School District Pays $30K to Diversity Consultant Who Trains Students to Become Activists

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A California school district agreed to pay nearly $30k for “racial equity training” with a diversity consultant who trains students to become leftist activists.

Diversity consultant Lori Watson is set to receive $29,750 from San Rafael City Schools for leading an equity training program, which intends to turn students into activists. 

Lori Watson, who runs an organization called “Race Work,” created a “Proposal for Racial Equity” for the district. The document lays out the details of her equity training program.

One aspect of the training — called Student Leaders’ Antiracist Movement (SLAM) — overtly seeks to propagandize students with Critical Race Theory. The program “is designed not just to engage students in conversations about race, but to empower and mobilize them as catalysts for change through an anti-racist … youth movement.” Students who participate in SLAM “develop the skills and tools to disrupt systemic racism,” the document adds. 

A student review from Watson’s website reads “Being white, there is so much privilege that I have that I was unaware of before participating in these important conversations with Dr. Watson.”

Watson even sells “SLAM” shirts on her website. The back of the shirt features a quote from Angela Davis, a Marxist, which reads “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.” Her website also encourages viewers to “Be more than an ally. Be a co-conspirator.”

The SLAM program itself costs $15,000, while staff training and one-on-one coaching, as well as small group consulting, account for the remainder of the $29,750 sum. 

The equity proposal from Race Work also calls on those within education to “disrupt and dismantle the inherently racist educational system that holds students back” before going on to say “Educators must be inherently anti-racist.”

It was previously revealed that Watson received $43,000 from Hayward Unified School District, where she ran the same SLAM program. 

Watson previously came under fire for offensive tweets. Watson liked one post that read “Some teachers may be wondering what can I do to end racism on my campus. For many the answer is early retirement.” She also tweeted “Black people Amerika hates you!”

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