Trans Teacher with Z-Cup Prosthetic Breasts Dresses Normally Outside of School

Kayla Lemieux, a Manufacturing Technology teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ont

A male teacher who wears Z cup prosthetic breasts to school dresses as a man when not at school, a neighbor claims, according to an exclusive report from the New York Post.

The Canadian teacher became the center of an international story after pictures of him wearing the prosthetic breasts in a school classroom went public.

But the transgender teacher, Kayla Lemieux, apparently dresses as a normal man when he is not teaching children. In fact, a neighbor of Lemieux told the New York Post that “He wears prosthetic breasts extremely infrequently.”

The neighbor went on to add that he specifically wears them when he goes to school, remarking, “He puts the breasts on to teach” as well as “occasionally when he goes for a walk.”

The teacher, who previously went by the name Kerry, was seen donning the prosthetic breasts upon leaving Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School, along with glasses and a blonde wig. 

After running errands, Lemieux went home and came out of his house, this time without the costume. The neighbor, who wished to remain unidentified, said that Lemieux was first spotted wearing the prosthetic breasts on the street in May, but that now he sees Lemieux leave his house dressed as a man more often than as a woman. 

Meanwhile, the Halton School Board has defended the teacher’s choice to wear the prosthetic breasts when teaching children. 

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