Get Out of Jail Free? — A Call For Truth in the Media

Contrary to the most recent descriptions of who I am because of my beliefs, activities, and actions – I am not a racist, homophobe, Muslim hating, ignorant, gun loving, tea-bagging, swastika carrying, redneck, mobster – I am an American… An educated, God-fearing, compassionate, and peaceful woman who loves her country and is not embarrassed to say that I am genuinely PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! That is not an arrogant statement. In fact, I feel humbled and extremely blessed to have been born and raised in this great land of freedom.

So why is it that if I didn’t vote for Barack Obama to be in the White House, it’s because I must be a racist? Are you kidding me? What about – I didn’t agree with his policy of hope and change or his stance on abortion? What if I don’t support health care reform and want government to be less involved in telling me where and when to spend my hard earned money? How about maybe I’m a bit concerned that he has ties to an unrepentant terrorist, grew up with associations and beliefs in Socialism and Marxism or sat in a church for 20 years under the leadership of someone who hates white people and America? No, the reason I might not have voted for him had nothing to do with race…

This past year I have watched this “darling of the media” time and time again receive, what I call, a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card. It boggles my mind to see how many “questionable” situations, affiliations, experiences, and policies go “unchecked” because of that flashy smile and that professional teleprompter delivery. Oh, he is a good orator for sure, but speaking well does not mean leadership… looking the part does not mean you are equipped for the job. I mean, I could dress up like a surgeon and walk into a hospital, but that doesn’t mean I’m qualified to operate on anyone.

By the way, did you know Obama would not even qualify to be his own Secret Service because of his affiliation with terrorists, and several other reasons? – some are listed below. He would NOT qualify for the Secret Service, the very people who put their life on the line for him, but he was elected to be the President of the United States and Commander In Chief of our Military? Unbelievable!! Why does this man receive a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card every time? The media is fully capable of investigating any and all of the “questionable” attributes, yet they continue to give him a free pass. For instance:

  1. Affiliation with known unrepentant terrorist – Ayers
  2. Member of Rev. Wright’s congregation for 20 years – A man who spouts hate for America and is a racist
  3. Associations with Acorn – questionable voter registration fraud and scandal
  4. Won’t release his school records, medical records, or birth certificate – no explanation
  5. Says he was born in Hawaii – Yet his own Grandmother says he was born in Kenya and she was there at his birth
  6. Says he’s a Christian – Yet covers up Christian symbols at Georgetown University and does nothing publicly for the National Day of Prayer
  7. Bows to Saudi King – Yet only nods to Queen Elizabeth
  8. Gives “Brotherly Handshake” to Chavez
  9. Appears on Leno – Makes fun of the handicapped
  10. Air Force One Photo Op – NYC terrified that it’s another 9-11
  11. Releases Top Secret CIA Documents – Causes a media frenzy with condemnation of enhanced techniques for interrogation of terrorists/prisoners -(since when is Top Secret NOT TOP SECRET?!!)
  12. Flies to New York City for a date with Michelle – On taxpayers’ dollars!
  13. Says America is no longer a Christian nation – Not bothered by that statement
  14. During a Televised Press Conference says Officer Crowley acted stupidly -Siding with Gates as being racist – – offers no apology when truth is told but invites Crowley and Gates for a beer at the White House and still offers no public apology for his degradation of Crowley

The presidency is not a popularity contest. It is not about who looks better on the cover of a magazine, makes an appearance on a famous late night talk show or who can be a slick orator and charm the audience. The presidency is the highest elected office attainable in the United States of America… It is the office of the Leader of the Free World… It is to be revered, respected, and upheld to the highest standards. Our president should be a person of honor, a fearless leader of the people, a passionate and rational person. Our president should be a reflection of our Nation, of We The People, of our Freedom, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness….

It is dangerous to “pal” around with our enemies in an effort to look good to the rest of the world. An enemy will say anything to manipulate and get their way. Can you trust their word? Should you trust their word? Not until they have proven that they are no longer our enemies… doesn’t matter if they are friendly with the man who is the leader of our country… are they indeed still against what our country stands for? Are they a threat to our freedom? Have they decided to turn from their vow of steal, kill, annihilate, and destroy – simply because we are Americans? If not, then they are still an enemy of the country and should not be trusted, bowed to, or placated by ANY American – elected or not.

The United States of America is a treasured land of freedom, but I am greatly concerned about where our country is headed. Government control over the auto industry, banking industry, mortgage industry… and now the threat of health care… is not the answer. And if that’s not enough, now the White House is asking people to “snitch” on those that oppose Obama’s health care plan by notifying Is this Nazi Germany?!! Don’t we still have freedom of speech?!! When did our representatives stop working FOR us and start appeasing this man and his obvious agenda of government control? The bills that get passed without even being read… it’s unlawful, unpatriotic, and frankly, outrageous!

I am proud and grateful to be an American, so don’t ask me to apologize for that. It is my birthright, my blessing, my honor, privilege, and my God-given gift. It is not “un-American” to ask questions, disagree or protest policies being forced upon us. So I ask the media – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, whatever your chosen side of politics may be… don’t be so quick to hand out the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card – investigate, answer the questions raised, and report the news rather than trying to influence public opinion… you just might be overlooking something very BIG.

Obama promised transparency, but all I’ve seen is secrecy. If there is nothing to hide… then why are those records still being hidden? Concerned Americans want to know and deserve to know… the truth.


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