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Honoring September 11th: We Remember

WE REMEMBER 9-11 Smoke billows rolled As planes shattered glass Concrete and steel The trees and the grass An enemy attack On the Land of the Free How could this happen How could this be Our hearts gripped with fear

Get Out of Jail Free? — A Call For Truth in the Media

Contrary to the most recent descriptions of who I am because of my beliefs, activities, and actions – I am not a racist, homophobe, Muslim hating, ignorant, gun loving, tea-bagging, swastika carrying, redneck, mobster – I am an American… An

Freedom Isn't Free

While volunteering for the McCain Campaign last year, I ran across a display of quotes by former President Ronald Reagan… One of them touched my heart so deeply that it inspired me to sit down and start writing a song

Re: The Freedom To Say This Is Unacceptable

Wow, I am amazed at the passionate responses this article received… it certainly ruffled some feathers… thank you for all of your words (whether I agree with them or not)… but let me address one point that seems to have

The Freedom To Say This Is Unacceptable — Updated

I’m not really one to speak out loudly about much of anything… ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I’m usually quite shy and very easy to get along with… but if you provoke me too much… well, let’s