Honoring September 11th: We Need Not Be Told


Before we can be of service to those who still breathe, we must remember those whose breath was taken from them on this day, and who took it. The current administration has changed this day into a national day of service, another move to further remove us from the reality of life as it is and towards the Utopian life that lives inside their head. And to help nudge society and our popular culture into that imaginary world, the administration has a covert operative in Hollywood.

Hollywood has beneath it a core of self-hatred, mostly because those who run it are engulfed in a glowing guilt rivaled by no religion or ideology. A guilt which silently tells them that their white skin is not worthy of the riches they have. And most are not.

Hollywood has yet to put out a single film which depicts the men and woman of our military as the constant ambassadors of service to our country that they are. Instead, Hollywood’s idea of service is to sell us a double scoop of happy face, sprinkled with fiction, dipped in guilt and then smashed into the face of the public at large — instead of ramming the truth of this struggle up the ass of those who created this mournful day. Unless the war is more than 50 years past, Hollywood is not interested in depicting American war struggles as noble. Hollywood is a global whore who needs to feed the anti-American lust of those overseas.

We do not to be told we need a national day of service. We as a people do not need an entertainment industry telling us there is no longer honor, trust, decency and nobility in our armed services.

This day needs to be what it is, a day to remember what happened and a day to thank the men and woman in uniform and in the government who were willing to go to any lengths to keep us safe. You can change the name of evil as the current administration has, but that doesn’t make it less evil.

We need to remember this day as it was delivered to us, and by whom.


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