Joseph Lindsey

Artist Scott LoBaido: Victory from the Right over Hate

In the past, artists fought against big government and heretics, now they lobby for government growth accompanied by a Springsteen soundtrack while sneering at decent people of faith. There is nothing heroic about artists being part of the state. Artist

Now That Obama's President, Richard Gere Silent on Tibet

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner recently hosted a dinner for the man who’s holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison. The Hollywood community and their human rights lobby were oddly silent on this event. Could it be

Hollywood's Top Asshat Comments, 2010

Every year we regular folk are blessed with wisdom from Hollywood’s elite: how to vote, worship, eat, what to drive, raise our kids, who in corporate America is making too much money, and who we should love and who we

Five Hostage Films for Democrats

The President and his clan are all tied-up-in-knots over not being able to raise taxes on those they deem rich. When Democrats don’t get their way they loose all rational thought like teen-girls suffering a case of front row “Bieber

Kathy Griffin: Bully

When overweight girls start committing suicide, will Kathy Griffin stop bullying them? Only in liberal Hollywood can someone as washed up and discarded by her own personal life be considered someone with a sense of morality and cause. Because her

Gwyneth Paltrow So Desperate For Oscar She Goes 'Country Strong'

Oscars are more often distributed to women in Hollywood who play to the downfall of their species, rather than to its nobility. Or, in the case of Gwyneth Paltrow, winning an Oscar for playing a prepubescent boy in “Shakespeare in

Leftists Artists Create Propaganda Not Art

Once a year the portrait of Chairman Mao that hangs above Tiananmen Gate is replaced by a new one. Who the artist is has never been disclosed. For Napoleon, Jacque-Louis David was his favorite painter and the man most responsible

Exclusive Excerpt: 'Life to the Right of Hollywood' Part 2

Ed. Note: This is second part of a two-part series of excerpts from Joseph Lindsey’s new novel “Life to the Right of Hollywood.” Part one can be found here. Take 4 – An Actor Sees no Limits The odds against

Exclusive Excerpt: 'Life to the Right of Hollywood'

My name is Joseph Lindsey and it’s been 4195 days since I last pretended to be a liberal. When I sat down to write my story my first instinct was to write it as a vapid, narcissistic autobiography, one about

Book Review: 'Inside the TV Writer's Room'

I once found myself on bar stool in Hollywood seated next to the writer Elmore Leonard, eventually striking up a conversation I told him how much I enjoyed his work and of my own desire to write but that my

SUCKER PUNCH SQUAD: A Right and Left Look At 'Predators'

[Editor’s Note: Script reviews of upcoming projects have been around for as long as there’s been an Internet. Therefore it’s no secret that a film can evolve into something quite different from its screenplay. Please keep in mind that this

Joe Francis Goes Pimping on Mark Cuban's HDNET

Hollywood leads young women to believe that to be somebody the public needs to know who they are through a media outlet. Unfortunately, for some young women wanting to be in the spotlight, that entails lifting their shirts–or worse, while

Levi Johnston: A Hollywood Cautionary Tale

Fame is that place where character is rarely able to sustain itself. I don’t know how much character Levi Johnston had as a boy, but as a young man in the grips of the Hollywood culture machine he’s lost it

Let's Free Other Child Rapists While We're At It…

Harvey Weinstein Members of the Hollywood community have signed a petition to have Roman Polanski released from jail. When is the Hollywood community also going to demand the release of 58 year old rapist Bruno Vece? On January 31st 2009

Honoring September 11th: We Need Not Be Told

Before we can be of service to those who still breathe, we must remember those whose breath was taken from them on this day, and who took it. The current administration has changed this day into a national day of

Michael Jackson: NAMBLA Gets a Messiah

Michael Jackson was an inspiration to many groups of people all over the world. One group in particular saw him as the perfect messenger for their crusade, the North American Man/Boy Love Association – NAMBLA. NAMBLA is set for Michael

Reality TV: The End of Shame

When the end of the world comes, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse won’t greet us; The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ll tear us to shreds. Television long ago brought something to the world that should never have been mixed:

Obama Porn

In 1964 Justice Potter Stewart in the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio, which involved the showing of a French film titled “The Lovers,” is quoted as saying, “Hard-core pornography is hard to define, but I know it when I see

'Rescue Me': Another Vapid Actor Breaks the Spell

Too much information about an actor’s life breaks the ability for the viewer to believe the character the actor is playing. Daniel Sunjata is one of those actors I wish I knew less about. He’s one of the stars of