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Steven Crowder Issues Challenge to Jon Stewart: Come Out of the Ideological Closet


Just so that I have this right… We have an actual letter from a senior producer at the “Daily Show” who says declaratively, “we never book conservative pundits” and no one cares. Not even the Usual MSM Suspects who howl at the first sign of any kind of discrimination against anyone … who’s not a white, Christian, conservative male. In fact, after all that damning audio released by Ben Shapiro with his “Primtetime Propaganda,” all we got from Patrick Goldstein over at the L.A. Times was his assurance there’s nothing to see here … because he talked to an Emmy winner who assured him there’s no discrimination.

That’s some real Woodward and Bernsteining going on over the Incredible Shrinking L.A. Times, I tell ya.

Well, we do have this and we do have Steven Crowder sounding the alarm for all conservatives who asking from the entertainment industry for nothing more than a level playing field. As Steven told me in his email, “This isn’t about me, it’s about the systemic form of discrimination everyone on the right faces in this business.” And he’s right. This isn’t about him and there’s absolutely no upside for him in going public. In fact, he’s all but lost his manager over this.

As we all know. whistle blowers always pay a price, especially right-of-center whistle blowers who are usually destroyed or ignored by the left-wing media instead of turned into overnight folk-heroes like their left-wing counterparts.


Crowder issued this challenge on Saturday. Thus far Stewart’s only answered in his usual cowardly way: savaging our side to the delight of the MSM under the guise of a New Murrow Satirist.

Why do the words bwak-bwak-bwak-bwak come to mind?


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