BigDawg Spotlight: Bobby Powers and Party Time Tell D.C. 'Take Your Hands Out of Our Pockets'

With the impending August 2nd debt ceiling “deadline” drawing near (which just so happens to be two days prior to a certain somebody in D.C.’s big Five-Oh birthday bash) and all the wheeling and dealing going on inside the Beltway, President Obama tells us it’s time to “pull off the band-aid” and “eat our peas.”

Mr. President, Bobby Powers and Party Time have a message for you and the rest of your fellow “Cleptocrats” in D.C.:

[youtube uiwGuD_zY7g nolink]


Now THAT is how you deliver a message since it appears emails, phone calls, faxes, office visits, and…oh…a million-plus sign-bearing, flag-waving patriots descending upon the Nation’s Capitol don’t work.

I just love these guys!

Bobby Powers stumbled across my YouTube page over a year ago and introduced himself via email. Naturally I checked out his site and instantly became a fan when I heard their song Take Your Hands Out of Our Pockets. Since that day, I have had the great privilege of sharing the stage with Bobby and the rest of the Party Time gang (Robin Gordon, Tony Rook, and Michael Marino) after our first meeting on the National Mall at the 2010 Tax Day TEA Party.

Right to left:  Robin Gordon, Bobby Powers, Michael Marino, Tony Rook)Left to right: Robin Gordon, Bobby Powers, Michael Marino, Tony Rook

You won’t find a nicer group of patriot artists than these gentlemen. Not only are they extremely gifted musicians who have generously offered to learn the songs of several performers and back us up at events we’ve performed for (many of whom, like myself, don’t have a band that can travel with us and normally just perform with our song tracks), but they are superb songwriters who are no strangers to the music industry.

Bobby & Robin are the Co-Founders of Bobby Powers and Party Time. Bobby Powers, a.k.a. Bobby Steele, is a nationally renowned songwriter, having written a Top 10 song for Sa-Fire called “Thinking of You” as well as a Number 1 Song, “If Wishes Came True” for Sweet Sensation, which was also nominated for a Grammy. Bobby spent the next 20 years honing his vocal and performing skills as the frontman of several bands, as a duo with his cousin, and as a solo artist.

Bobby formed Party Time with Robin several years ago, and they have since played numerous prestigious gigs such as playing for Michele Bachmann at the Washington Monument, FreedomWorks’ Take Back America Convention at D.A.R. Constitution Hall, the Virginia TEA Party Convention in 2010, M.O.M. For America’s An Evening with Michelle Malkin Banquet, CPAC 2011, among numerous local and State political and non-political gigs.

Bobby Powers & Party Time at D.A.R. Constitution Hall (Take Back America Convention)

Robin Gordon, as one half of the Country recording artists “Robin & Cruiser” has had several national chart records, including “No Heart Left To Break,” which was a top 50 record. He has also shared the stage with many country luminaries, such as Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Pride, Restless Heart, and many others, including blues legend John Hammond. Robin has also appeared numerous times on television, including the very well known live national TV show “Nashville Now” hosted by Country Music Hall of Fame and National Radio Hall of Fame member Ralph Emery.

Robin also recorded numerous tracks with such studio legends as Reggie Young, who was the guitarist on “Drift Away,” Pig Robbins, the piano player on many #1 Country hits, Paul Franklin, who’s dobro work can be heart all over the radio as well as on Randy Travis records, and several members of Elvis’ band, along with other too numerous to mention.

Country Music Hall of Fame member Owen Bradley, who produced Patsy Kline & Brenda Lee’s biggest hits along with K.D. Lang, and many others, helped Robin mix his 1st single, “Rings of Gold.” He has also had the honor of co-writing with many #1 songwriters including Tommy Rocco, Susan Longacre, Stan Webb, and Grammy winner Jerry Gilespie, among others.

Together, Bobby & Robin have created a unique sound through their songs and music, which they hope people will continue to enjoy listening to as much as they enjoy creating and playing.

For you heavy metal fans, Party Time bandmates Michael Marino (Bass) and Tony Rook (Drums), perform together regularly in Florida and have written some fantastic, hard-hitting political rock anthems as “Chloes Open Socket.” I will share more about them in an upcoming article.

Bobby Powers and Party Time want to use their music to bring a new awareness to voters of the need to right the wrong direction that the current administration is forcing our country towards and to spread the word of the Movement to “Take Our Country Back” from the lunatic fringe that is now usurping its power. We are blessed to have these dedicated patriots in the fight with us.

Bobby shared his thoughts about BigDawg Music Mafia:

Imagine a place where you can actually express your feelings and opinions…..feelings and opinions that MOST of the occupants of this great country also think and feel…the kinds of thoughts and feelings and opinions that the self proclaimed elitist class will do anything they possibly can to cover up………that place is Big Dawg Music Mafia!!

BigDawg is a small seed right now but it will become a B-I-G Dawg….the kind of Dawg that media moguls will not be able to hold on a leash!!!

And in the mean time…Bobby Powers and Party Time say we should party “like it’s 1773“…and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

[youtube V3-xQP5GXcs nolink]

The best is yet to come.


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