Leftist's Playlist: Let's Play Those Lyin' Songs

You ever have those days where pretty much every single thing you hear coming out of someone’s mouth sounds like a lie?

Call ’em cynical days – or days of heightened awareness, but I’m totally having one of those days. Or maybe it’s one of those weeks, months, years … because I feel like every single time President Obama opens his mouth, he oozes untruths (healthcare, no new taxes on employer benefits not to mention this fantastic website that has compilation of the top 50 lies Obama’s Told).

Not to mention the foul falsehoods and exaggerations blubbering from Harry Reid (still hung up on the slavery comments from awhile back) Nancy Pelosi (too many lies to count but thanks for compiling them, Glenn Beck …) and a number of other notable Democrats (check out the Intellectual Conservative for a list of a few …). It just seems to never, ever end.

So in an attempt to unite liars everywhere and to have a little fun at their expense, it is my great pleasure to compile a playlist for those unable to tell the truth.

Because we all know you are, what you listen to …

Song: Politics

Artist: Korn

‘Don’t wanna talk about politics; Refuse to talk about politics; Don’t let me talk about politics; Don’t give a sh** about politics…’

Kinda sums up how a lot of people feel these days about our political process, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, with the lies running rampant and the truth not always being readily available, lies win over right all the time.

I’m not a huge fan of this heavy-metal angry stuff. But this list wouldn’t be the same without this song … because it speaks to a cultural perception of the political process and those who are involved in it. Realizing there are bad seeds on both sides of the aisle is common knowledge, but Korn’s put it into music … if you can actually understand what they’re yelling at ya …

Song: Little Lies

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

I chose this YouTube link for the song because the original recording of this song is the best – and the album cover with all the HAIR makes me LOL. It’s just funny … so check it out.

The consummate lying song, Fleetwood Mac, encapsulates the need for people to be told ‘Sweet Little Lies’ so they don’t have to face the truth. Pretty sure this tune is the theme song of the Democratic party … In fact, I think I might’ve heard it playing on a really really tiny violin during the inauguration …

Song: The Great Pretender

Artist: Queen/Freddie Mercury

This song probably better fits how America’s not paying any attention to the man behind the curtain – as it’s talking about a person acting like everything is OK amidst turmoil and pain. But seeing Freddie Mercury in all his flamboyant wonder makes it a video worth watching.

BTW, I think I’d much rather PRETEND Obama was still around than him actually be around … does that make sense?

Song: Alibis

Artist: Tracy Lawrence

In walks our first country music tune for our little playlist. And Tracy Lawrence, with his Stetson, sh** stompers and those sleeveless t-shirts delivers ‘Alibis’ with all the drawl we need to feel its impact.

‘You’re alibis, and lying eyes and all the best lines Lord knows she’s (we’ve) heard em all … … If a move can be made, she’ll (he’ll) know how to make one on you ..’

Funny how so many of us are blind politically and let the powers that be push our buttons and pull stuff over on us again … and again … with their Alibis and lyin eyes …

Song: Lies

Artist: Evanescence

Amy Lee, who delivers some of the most haunting vocals in music today (and I love her), pens and performs a song so eerie the truth about the ‘Lies’ literally sinks into the soul.

It’s a tune talking about the trap lies actually cause and how it takes more and more lies to keep yourself from sinking … but the opposite actually happens. This song’s enough to scare you to the truth … Thank you, Amy Lee (BTW, ‘Bring Me To Life’ is still one of my all-time favorites.)

Song: Would I Lie To You

: The Eurythmics

Probably one of the best, upbeat lying songs ever – and we all know the chorus – ‘Would I lie to you (honey) Would I lie to you … Would I say something that wasn’t true … I’m asking you sugar would I lie to you.’

Lyrical proof bold-face lies are told to someone’s face all the time with the intention of glazing over the truth and hiding what’s really happening. It’s just a matter of whether our bullsh** meters are fully functional, right?

Song: White Liar

Artist: Miranda Lambert

I love Miranda Lambert right now. I am pretty sure her tune ‘Heart Like Mine’ is my theme song … (‘I aint the kind you take home to momma, I ain’t the type to wear no ring’) …

In this country gem, Lambert laments about a guy who’s stepping out on her, but she also tells him ‘Hey, White Liar, the truth comes out a little at a time’ … and we all know it does. We’re seeing it unfold in our governmental mess almost on a daily basis. (And our response, the Conservative One, will most definitely be different that that of rebel-hearted Lambert ‘here’s a bombshell just for you, turns out I’ve been lying too …’)

Song: Lyin Eyes

Artist: The Eagles

Let’s hope hell doesn’t have to freeze over for us to actually take over Congress and the White House – but then again, it didn’t have to for the EAGLES to get back together – so there’s true hope, right?

This list wouldn’t be complete with out this tune. What’s sad though, is a lot of the Democrats are so practiced at their lies and deceptions it doesn’t show in their eyes anymore and they don’t even realize they’re doing it. It’s second nature …

Song: You Lie

Artist: The Band Perry

I am thinking every single playlist I write for ya’ll will probably end with a country song – because I REALLY love country music. Can’t help it, so hope you can deal with it.

‘You lie like the priceless Persian rug on a rich man’s floor. You lie like a coon dog basking in the sunshine on my porch. Well you lie like a penny in the parking lot at the grocery store. It just comes way to natural to you. … … It’s what you do, it’s who you are”

‘You Lie’ is one of those feel good lyin’ tunes that actually makes you wanna sing to it. The Band Perry has put out some top-notch singles from their first album – and while I am not a huge fan of ‘If I Die Young’ (just because it’s difficult for me to see little girls sing a song about death), their follow up single is fun and flip.

I must admit my favorite line though is ‘My daddy’s gonna straighten you out like a piece of wire, like a piece of wire.‘ Because my daddy totally could …

OK. So that’s the list – for now …

Next playlist?

Let’s see if we can put together a VICTORY PLAYLIST for 2012 … because we’ve had enough of the lying/cheating songs in Washington … right?


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