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Lady Gaga, Chart-Topping Chanteuse, Preeminent Anti-Bullying Expert?


When it comes to the complicated world of teen bullying, there’s really only one expert of consequence – Lady Gaga.

After all, she’s been vocal on the subject for months now, and she’s clearly done enough field research to put the anti-bullying movement in high gear.

Lady Gaga Drake Meat Dress

Perhaps that’s why she’s visiting the White House today to lend her expertise to Obama administration staffers on the subject. Who can’t identify with being ostracized for wearing an outfit made of meat to school?

The celebrity/Beltway nexus is a typically vapid affair, although in some cases the connection makes sense. it’s a fair bet actor Michael J. Fox has some wisdom to share regarding Parkinson’s Disease even if one doesn’t agree with his thoughts regarding stem cell research. He’s suffered from the condition for years and has been actively involved in finding a cure.

But what on Earth is Lady Gaga, whose main talent is being just outrageous enough to cut through the pop culture haze, doing mingling with serious minds on this issue?

The singer confessed she was once bullied, but so have plenty of other people. And while the thrust of her new foundation, Born This Way, will likely be noble (it officially opens in 2012) that hardly makes her the kind of expert who can illuminate minds on the matter.

But the Obama Administration needs its Hollywood connections, so perhaps it gave Gaga the green light to keep a key constituency happy.


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