Red Cross Meddles in Video Games, Claims Virtual War Crimes May Inspire Real Thing


The next time you take out a baddie in a video game you might be conditioning yourself to commit actual violence, according to the Red Cross.

The 31st International Conference of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Crescent expressed its collective concern about the war games people play on their computer and gaming systems this week.

Some initial reports suggested gamers could be in a world of legal trouble for not following Geneva Conventions during video game play. The Red Cross quickly squashed those reports, but the group admitted it’s worried violent video games activity could have unintended consequences. And the international group may start leaning on video game makers who peddle violent titles.

Members of the committee said the Movement (note the capital M) is concerned about humanitarian law and how it should apply to video games, but is primarily concerned about how violent video games affect individuals and whether the International Red Cross/Red Crescent should pressure video-game makers to tone things down …

The group does want to “work” with video-game developers to teach them about international humanitarian law, however, because some of the same companies that make war games for consumers also make them as training aids for the armies of various countries, including the United States.


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