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Will Hollywood Rally to Christian Bale's Side Following Skirmish Involving Chinese Activist?


Christian Bale sure could have used that Bat utility belt while visiting a blind Chinese activist this week.

The star of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, in China as part of the promotional push behind his new film “The Flowers of War,” got roughed up by Chinese security guards when he tried to visit a blind legal activist in the Communist country.

[youtube GRuqdMwBqvQ nolink]

It’s precisely the kind of freedom-stifling moment celebrities typically rally around. Will anyone save Richard Gere, a consistent voice criticizing China regarding its policy toward Tibet, step up and support Bale’s efforts?

Bale, who plays crime-fighting superhero Batman, and a camera crew from CNN were jostled by men in plainclothes in Dongshigu village in eastern Shandong province, where activist Chen Guangcheng has been under house arrest for 15 months, according to a video released by CNN on its website.

“Why can I not visit this man?” Bale asked several security officers, while they were pushing him….

The fate of Chen, a self-schooled advocate who has campaigned against forced abortions, has become a test of wills, pitting the Communist Party’s crackdown on dissent against activists championing his cause and that of artist Ai Weiwei.


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