Derrick Bell's 'Space Traders' – The Review

Derrick Bell's 'Space Traders' – The Review

The critics all agree – Professor Derrick Bell’s criminally overlooked film “Space Raiders” is a smash hit!


“I laughed, I cried, I damned America!” ~ Rev. Jeremiah Wright


“A blockbuster thrill-ride that finally shows America as the monster it is!  Four red stars!” ~ Bill Ayers


Space Traders invites you to open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Derrick Bell!”  ~ President Barack Obama



Move over, “Citizen Kane”: Derrick Bell’s racist-commie-sci-fi extravaganza “Space Traders” is clearly the greatest motion picture ever made.


Oh, not on an aesthetic level – it’s an artistic disaster by any sane criteria. 


And not on any moral level either – it’s a rancid conglomeration of the most feverish of leftwing, race-hustling fever dreams spiced up with a dash of anti-Semitism and some gratuitous anti-white racism.


In other words, it’s pretty much what you’d expect if someone was dumb enough to give a Harvard Law critical race theorist a camera.


It’s great because it gives a clear picture of what the guy our President figuratively and literally embraces really believed about his country – something the mainstream media refused to explore, and which it continues to conceal. 


So sit back, check your brain at the door, drop a handful of acid, and prepare yourself for the magic … of “Space Traders.”


The film opens with George Clinton addressing the audience about something (it’s not really clear what) via his disembodied head, which floats around the screen whilst on fire. For obvious reasons, he then sprouts a third eye in his forehead. 


That’s not a typo.



Then we are carried away to Plymouth Rock, where a TV reporter informs us that aliens are on the way to rendezvous with the people of Earth. Some guy walks by with a large bunch of red, white and blue balloons. Then, the anchorman begins reading a news story about the black-white salary gap. This struck me as gritty realism – I have no doubt the MSM would somehow weave the inherent awfulness of American society into the narrative surrounding the first contact with an alien civilization.


Then the spaceships come.  As noted cultural observer Derek Hunter put it, the special effects would have embarrassed Ed Wood.  In fact, the whole mess ought to be re-titled “Plan Nine from Harvard Law Faculty Lounge.”


The aliens, through a hologram that looks and sounds like Ronald Reagan, asks for America to turn over all black Americans “in trade for solving your most pressing domestic catastrophes.” The story then follows the next five days as America debates this unusual offer.



Naturally, the nearly all-white Republican cabinet immediately embraces this innovative idea. Because, you know, Americans hate black people – at least, that’s what Bell and his critical race theorist buddies teach.



So, the President schedules a telephonic referendum on the issue (they keep mentioning MCI, marking Hollywood’s least desirable product placement ever). Note that the one black Republican – played by Robert Guillaume – protests, and takes care to point that these aremoderate Republicans, not “religious extremists.” See, because in Bell’s sick world, all Republicans slobber at the thought of black genocide. 


Oh, the Republicans also betray the one black Republican. Subtle!


As the film moves into covering the public debate over the referendum – which consists largely of white people hating black people – there are two amusing callbacks to another of Obama’s racist buddies, Jeremiah Wright, where characters announce that “the chickens have come home to roost.”


Surprisingly, there are plenty of appalling black stereotypes out and about. One particular caricature is a barber named “Piggy” who, for some reason, cuts hair in peoples’ backyards, uses the N-word, and speaks glowingly of “little bottles of Remy Martin.” Democrat Party icon Robert Byrd would have loved this fiasco on several levels.



Naturally, America votes to trade away black Americans and the aliens take them away. And then Clinton’s head returns and I have no idea what the hell it is talking about.


So, “Space Traders” perfectly captures the stupidity, paranoia, and shameless race-hustling of the people that Obama embraces. This is the idiocy that Obama believes we should open up [our] hearts and our minds to. Pass.


It’s disgusting. It’s revolting. And it’s rapidly becoming clear why the mainstream media refused to vet the President in 2008.


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