Report: Lovitz Put Career in Jeopardy by Critiquing Obama

Report: Lovitz Put Career in Jeopardy by Critiquing Obama

The Left routinely regales us of the horrors of the Blacklist, the time in history when speaking your mind politically could prevent you from working in the entertainment industry, or even spell jail time.

Yet there’s little outrage when conservative entertainers share stories of losing gigs for not publicly declaring their allegiance to the Democratic party.

The latest tale involves comedian Jon Lovitz, the “Saturday Night Live” alum who publicly blasted President Barack Obama’s policies. The move granted Lovitz a maelstrom of press – and a higher profile in an industry that often turns on exposure.

But BuzzFeed reports Lovitz’s pals were worried about the fallout from his unexpurgated comments.

Lovitz’s friends had warned him to dial it back, worried that trashing a Democratic president could hurt his career. But Obama’s popularity had tanked so far down among the glitterati, he was unconcerned. “He is a fucking asshole,” Lovitz told me, before heading onto the CNN set for his interview.

So, if Obama’s poll numbers were higher Lovitz might find it hard to get a new gig? Can we expect any outrage about this? Likely not.


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