Bristol Palin's Hate Mail Reflects Hollywood's Intolerance

Bristol Palin's Hate Mail Reflects Hollywood's Intolerance

Bristol Palin revealed on her Patheos blog today some of the hateful comments directed at her since her she called out the media’s double standard regarding politicians consulting others on social issues.

Some of the comments directed at Palin, daughter of former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, included, “Kill yourself,” “you’re an argument for abortion,” and “I wish awful things on your family and a slow, painful and miserable death.”

These comments were hurled at the young woman in response to her previous blog post. Her simple post said, “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.”

Bristol Palin wrote that in those comments, “you’ll see hate in the name of the love” and “you’ll see bullying in the name of tolerance” and that she “didn’t see any arguments” within them.

“You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional marriage,” she continues. “Why? Why would we if you’ve been telling us what to think for all these years? Because we think for ourselves. And we’ll keep thinking for ourselves no matter what you call us. So keep sending the hate, but realize that hate doesn’t win arguments.”

Hollywood has too often set a terrible example by ridiculing, mocking, and dismissing anyone who does not toe the Hollywood line on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Magnet Releasing, a genre label owned by Mark Cuban’s media company, this week published a request for Facebook readers to “get our your guns” against Bristol Palin. This was in reference to the film studio’s “God Bless America,” a new film by writer/director Bobcat Goldwaith, who admitted to having edited this film to purposely spite readers of Big Hollywood he loathes.

Celebrities are often quick to accuse Republicans of being hateful and intolerant, but perhaps they are just falsely hating on others what they secretly loathe about themselves.


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