'Occupy Unmasked' Debuts to Standing Ovation at RightOnline

'Occupy Unmasked' Debuts to Standing Ovation at RightOnline

Director Stephen K. Bannon’s “Occupy Unmasked” debuted Friday to a standing ovation at the annual RightOnline conference in Las Vegas.

The upcoming documentary revealed the true story behind the violent nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement, an inconvenient truth the media has done all it could to hide. Smartly packaged and damning in detail, the film featured the late Andrew Breitbart and several Breitbart News staffers explaining the movement’s radical roots and anger at our capitalistic system.

We watch Occupiers admit their socialist policies, learn how this “grassroots” effort was massaged by the media and witness the escalation of mayhem caused by their tent city protests.

The RightOnline conference guests gave the movie a standing ovation when the end credits rolled.

The flailing OWS may already be in its final stages, but it’s hard to imagine it can survive the scrutiny of Bannon’s exhaustive video takedown.

Breitbart’s message about the media’s false narratives and outright lies also will live on in the upcoming documentary “Hating Breitbart.” The film’s director, Andrew Marcus, debuted several scenes from the film at the conference, reminding us how Breitbart treated those who concocted lies about the Right. He got in their face and made them eat their words.

The RightOnline audience thundered its approval as they watched Breitbart and Breitbart TV’s own Larry O’Connor dismantle the lies of liberal scribe Max Blumenthal among several scenes previewed at the event.

The sneak peek also showed Breitbart huddling with investigative video journalist James O’Keefe, the gadfly who foiled the government-supported Acorn organization armed with only a video camera and a hunger for the truth.


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