Adam Carolla: Hollywood Media Won't Save Obama

Adam Carolla: Hollywood Media Won't Save Obama

Adam Carolla isn’t a marketing guru, but he knows good publicity will only go so far.

Carolla, host of the popular podcast bearing his name, told “The O’Reilly Factor” last night that no matter how many raves President Barack Obama receives from Hollywood types it won’t be enough to save his political bacon.

And, of course, Carolla used a metaphor to drive his point point.

“But I mean Adam Sandler came out with a movie two weeks ago that did nothing at the box office. And there were tons and tons of billboards and I saw tons and tons of commercials for it. And I think called ‘That’s My Boy.’ The point is I don’t remember what it was called. But it was a complete and utter disaster at the box office, not because they didn’t have a bunch of positive commercials and a bunch of positive billboards. It’s that people thought, ‘Hmm do we really want to see another crappy Adam Sandler movie?’ And they thought, ‘No.'”

“So, people are a little bit smarter than that. They may think, ‘Do we want a sequel to the Barack Obama movie or don’t we?'”


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