'Grand Theft Audio,' 'Koz Effect' Let Conservative Comics Have Their Say

'Grand Theft Audio,' 'Koz Effect' Let Conservative Comics Have Their Say

If there’s one area of entertainment that’s most frustrating to watch or listen to for conservatives, it’s likely comedy. It seems that anyone who jokes about the news always does it from a Left-loving, Right-bashing perspective.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For the past four years I’ve been working hard to change that. As the co-creator and co-host of the podcast “Grand Theft Audio” with fellow libertarian/conservatives Jake Belcher and Brant Thoman, I’ve been proud to say that through nearly 200 episodes and more than 400 guests including some of the biggest names in comedy, politics, writing and music, movies and TV, we’ve often dealt with politics and bashed Democrats harder than anyone else in our way-younger-than-Rush generation.

And we’ve done it in a way that still gets respect from both sides of the fence, resulting in glowing articles like this in the LA Times despite our viewpoints.

Last month we launched our own entire web-radio station, www.radiotitans.com. Not only is “Grand Theft Audio” on live everyday from Mon-Fri at 9-11 a.m. PST, offering up a freewheeling Howard Stern-style show that deals plenty with the news of the day on most days (sometimes it’s just plain funny and doesn’t hit on the news, but it usually does).

But the station also carries my two new shows, “The Koz Effect,” where I rip through the week’s news with a panel of other comics, and “Kozversations” where I sit down one on one with all types of famous people to have in-depth Larry King style conversations about their careers and the world at large. Both shows are almost entirely cuss-free and can be downloaded easily from the show page for each on the www.radiotitans.com site.

  • “Koz Effect” is intended to be a Bill Maher-style, funny panel discussion show but with me coming from the Right as host and the Left-leaning people often on the defensive. How’s that for a change? You can hear it live on Sundays from 8-9 PST, with “Kozversations” running live Fridays at 1 pm PST. But both shows are downloadable anytime, along with our other series:
  • “1, 2, 3!” An outrageously funny game show spoof hosted by frequent “Tonight Show” comic and former “Battlebots” host Bil Dwyer.
  • “Name-Dropping with Jason Stuart” has one of America’s top comics and character actors interviewing an intriguing array of well-known actors.
  • “Rachel Profiling” A funny but very raw-style talk show starring frequent Howard Stern panelist Rachel Butera.
  • “Inside/Out” starring indie rocker Joie Blaney discussing the world and pop culture with a mix of famous and everyday-Joe guests.
  • “Little Ethnic Girls” starring hot, rising comics Helen Hong and Maria Shehata along with frequent celebrity guests.

And there’s more to come, including an impending deal with a major Tea Party chapter that would open a whole range of conservative programming to the station.

So please come check us a listen. Here’s a great “GTA” sample episode in which we do an hour-long hilarious interview with Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, creators of “Reno 911” and writers of the “Night at the Museum” movies. 

And last week’s “Koz Effect,” guest-starring conservative comic Evan Sayet.

“GTA” is now hosted fulltime by Jake and Brant, with me sitting in on most Fridays and occasionally with super special guests.


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