'Won't Back Down' Brings School Choice Debate to Cineplex

'Won't Back Down' Brings School Choice Debate to Cineplex

The biggest issues in the presidential election campaign involve the economy and jobs.

And, if you’re a Mainstream Media bubble dweller, Mitt Romney’s tax papers.

The upcoming drama “Won’t Back Down” wants to bring another topic up for national debate – school choice.

The film, inspired by actual events, follows a determined single mother (Maggie Gyllenhaal) desperate to give her child a chance at a better education. “The Help’s” Viola Davis co-stars as a teacher trying to help make that happen, and Holly Hunter plays a teacher’s union devotee who thinks the current educational system, while hardly perfect, offers the best choices for today’s kids.

The 2010 documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman'” didn’t move the needle as much as some may have thought on the school choice debate. Can “Won’t Back Down” succeed where “‘Superman'” failed?

“Won’t Back Down” hits theaters Sept. 28.


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