'Sopranos' Van Zandt Calls Obama a 'Legislative Eunuch'

'Sopranos' Van Zandt Calls Obama a 'Legislative Eunuch'

Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen’s longtime guitarist and a regular on “The Sopranos,” is about as left of center as any celebrity.

Even Van Zandt can’t look at the last four years and point to a list of tangible achievements the Obama administration can call its own. It’s why he came away from the DNC convention more than a little frustrated at the sales pitch for a second Obama term.

As I said, I’m perfectly fine with a visionless, meaningless, non-transformative Obama (the other guys would just make things worse) knowing he’ll do no further harm.

But wouldn’t an Obama that actually got something done be an even better Obama than the dignified but legislative eunuch Obama?


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