Celebrities Embrace Fast Food Science, Blame Sandy on Global Warming

Celebrities Embrace Fast Food Science, Blame Sandy on Global Warming

Bette Midler wasn’t the only celebrity rushing to blame Hurricane Sandy on Global Warming … or Climate Change.

A few comedians followed suit after the storm crashed into the East Coast yesterday, killing more than 30 people and leaving millions without power. After all, it’s safe to proclaim global warming/climate change is real after a single extraordinary storm, right?

Here’s Joe Rogan, best known for his stints on “Fear Factor” and “NewsRadio,” weighing in on the subject:

Joe Rogan tweet

Comedian Dana Gould used a circular gag to profess his faith that the “science is settled.”

Dana Gould

And then there’s Roseanne Barr, the only person here whose name appears on the presidential ballot. Surely a candidate can bring both clarity and composure to the issue.

Roseanne Barr Tweet

Some celebrities chose to downplay the storm, like attention-starved starlet Lindsay Lohan. “The Mindy Project” star star Mindy Kaling frowned over missing the chance to connect over “weather panic.”

“9 months from now hopefully we will have some cool Hurricane Sandy babies! On the west coast we never get to bond over weather panic. We’re like oh no an earthquake for 2 seconds, then go to spin class or whatever, she wrote.

Perhaps the most sane response came from reality show diva Kim Kardashian, who simply said she was “praying for everyone on the East Coast. I hope everyone is safe!”


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