Journalists Rush to Rescue Obama from Benghazi Blame

Journalists Rush to Rescue Obama from Benghazi Blame

Diversion, distraction, smoke-screen obfuscation … one thing you can say about our newly re-elected President, he has more moves than an NFL open-field running back.

Some scandal rears its ugly head, and bada-boom they launch flack and flares to divert the homing missiles of discovery. A little covering smoke trail, a jump and a jink or two — and the President is safely back in the cocoon of his sanitized image … ever the courageous African-American icon … virtuous to a fault … carrying on the valiant fight for the middle class … and once again flying high above the clouds of suspicion.

Everyone understands that malfeasance only happens with Republican administrations, dontcha know; or so we’re lead to believe by the mainstream media narrative. Remember Fast & Furious? Where did that go? Presto-chango – and the investigation gets somehow sterilized and shelved as Nancy Pelosi announces she “could have had Karl Rove arrested” for President Bush’s Executive Orders.

And then that’s the story … not how Attorney General Eric Holder’s justice department facilitated a gun-running operation that resulted in the murder of U.S. border agent Brian Terry. The D.D.D. — Democratic Disinformation Department (I mean, the mainstream media) runs with that story and suddenly, the President’s thwarting of the investigation gets a pass in the media.

The corruption that is clearly at the heart of what became a massive administration cover-up just simply becomes a non-issue. Reminded me of Bill Clinton, upon being cornered by charges of sexual impropriety and even rape, got a hall pass by the media, because “he lined upright with the issues.”

And now the Obama administration, working in close conjunction with the Disinformation Department (again, the mainstream media), has performed another masterful sleight-of-hand. Having postponed the investigation of the President’s deplorable cover-up of the Benghazi scandal until after the election … now, it seems that that story is going to disappear. With overwhelming evidence that the President directed the intentional withholding of security assistance to help avert the murder of a U.S. Ambassador, his communication officer and two Navy SEALs … and the consequent overt cover-up and fabrication that the terrorist attack was due to a video nobody saw … is also going to go away and take a back seat to a salacious story of sexual indiscretion by the CIA head, General Petraeus.

And if that’s not a thick enough smoke screen for the President to hide behind … the media even borrowed from Drudge and Breitbart techniques of bleeding pieces of a scandal bit by bit. The latest bit is the reveal that another scandal is afoot – a Gen. John Allen reportedly sent sexual emails to a Florida woman. (Insert yawn here… but welcome to Bizzaro-World, in which this now passes for front-page news!)

Tomorrow the “sex scandal” will no doubt widen. The pop-culture zombies will salivate as another wronged and harassed female comes forward with stories of topless texts and adulterous trysts … and that will be the story our hedonistic public will slather over. Not the fact that the President knowingly allowed four government workers to be killed in Libya and then lied about it to the American people.

When lies and corruption structure a government and a willing media frames it with lies … how is that different from tyranny? Where are the millions upon millions of good and decent people demanding the truth from our leaders?

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph … is for good people to do nothing.” Let’s do something about Evil.


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