'Girls': Two Golden Globes, One Exit for Class and Morality

'Girls': Two Golden Globes, One Exit for Class and Morality

Lena Dunham, star and creator of Girls, won two Golden Globes Sunday night including the prize for Best Comedy Series. Some think her work is wonderful; just ask Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter, who enthusiastically declared:

Girls remains one of television’s greatest shows. Here’s to one of television’s bravest, most entertaining lenses on a subculture. Season two of Girls advances brilliantly the life journey, questioning and doubts of young people trying to figure out what they will become …

And Dan Kois at Slate.com agreed, throwing his hat in the air: “It suggests the show has a future other than just taboo-breaking and sitcom-tradition-smashing. Anyways, my verdict: I liked this premiere! I came, you came hard, we all laughed.”


Of course, as even Mother Jones, the left-of left magazine wrote online last spring, the show featured “passionless sex, STIs, casual abortions, boring boyfriends, gay boyfriends, drugs, money woes, body image.”

Brave. Entertaining. Or–

At the risk of waxing hyperbolic, a sign of the decline of Western Civilization. If this is what passes for greatness to the generation of millenials, than nihilism and hopelessness have finally drenched the culture completely.

For those of us who appreciate wit, intelligence and class, much of today’s efforts by the entertainment industry are nothing more than smut and a desire to constantly push the envelope toward moral oblivion.


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