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Stephen Colbert Whines Over Sister's South Carolina Defeat

Stephen Colbert Whines Over Sister's South Carolina Defeat

Stephen Colbert revealed himself to be a hypocrite of the highest order, whining after his sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s loss to Mark Sanford in the special congressional election in South Carolina:

This scares me to my core. I’m shaken. This was the first political campaign where I knew and cared about the candidate before they got into politics. I saw first-hand how her opponents smeared her with outrageous accusations I knew to be untrue. And that’s made me wonder if other campaigns have done this as well.

So Colbert is wondering if other campaigns have smeared their opponents? Where was he when the Obama campaign’s lapdogs smeared Gov. Mitt Romney, implying that he had helped kill a woman with cancer? Where was he when the Obama campaign smeared Romney and called him a tax dodger without a shred of proof?

Those kind of smears didn’t shake Colbert to the core, apparently. But when it happened to his sister, Colbert wept copious tears over her electoral thrashing.

Here’s Colbert’s pathetic attempt at humor:

The voters of South Carolina have spoken. Mark Sanford beat my sister and I believe that means Mark Sanford is now my sister. On behalf of my entire family, I want to say that we are deeply sorry about him.

Ooh, Colbert’s so mean and tough, calling Sanford a girl.

And Colbert was bitter, saying, “I am angry, and for once that doesn’t make me happy.” He attacked CNN, asserting that he thought his sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, had won “because CNN called it for Sanford.” He announced he would prefer North Carolina to South Carolina, but then retracted that: “I can’t do it, I love South Carolina too much. And I love my sister, and I’m so proud of her, but I just don’t get it.”

To cap off his sour sermon, Colbert disingenuously made a plea for non-partisanship: “Maybe it’s time everybody out there stops basing every decision you make on party affiliation and instead admit that every once in a while you might agree with the other side.”

This is a classic case of someone getting rich off of partisan bullying politics, then suddenly begging for mercy when they get the snot kicked out of them.


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