Candy Crowley: CNN's Hillary Doc 'Makes It Very Difficult for Me'

Candy Crowley: CNN's Hillary Doc 'Makes It Very Difficult for Me'

CNN’s Candy Crowley doesn’t sound too pleased that her bosses have commissioned a documentary film on possible Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Crowley, who famously gave President Barack Obama a hand during a critical moment in the 2012 presidential debates, told Politico that the project will “make life more difficult, I think there’s no doubt about it.”

You can say all you want, this is a commissioned documentary from people who are not in the employ of CNN. It’s not me. It’s not Wolf Blitzer. It’s not John King. It’s an outside documentary group. But we’re with CNN and so this is not a story where the nuances are well-received, particularly by Republicans.

Perhaps the “nuance” in question is hiring liberal filmmaker Charles Ferguson (No End in Sight) to commandeer the documentary.

Here’s what Ferguson said in his prepared statement about getting hired to direct the film. Mind you, at this point in the news cycle it would behoove him to take a balanced approach to the material lest he come off as a partisan and reflect poorly on CNN’s alleged neutral stance.

I am very excited to be making a film about Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose fascinating life and work embody so many of America’s, and the world’s, hopes and challenges.

MSNBC couldn’t have scripted a more effusive sentence, all the reason why Crowley knows the project may do even more damage to CNN’s (well earned) reputation for liberal bias.


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