Help Wanted: Conservative Culture Warriors to Battle the Left

Help Wanted: Conservative Culture Warriors to Battle the Left

Much like the two dogs facing off in the story about an Eskimo fisherman (the origin of “Two Wolves“), an epic battle rages across our homeland between two disparate cultural ideologies that ironically involves two “Mafias.” A question is posed at the end: “Which one will dominate us?

Edward Bernays, “Father of Public Relations,” said:

Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.

“Everything” is culture; by disseminating propaganda via mass media, the “elite” use culture to control without physical coercion. This “engineering of consent” is manipulation of public opinion to accept the “agenda.”

Two Mafias:

On the left of the political spectrum we have the deep-pocketed, “Malibu Mafia“–Hollywood activists who successfully leveraged their prominence to support liberal politicians and far-left causes.

Big Dawg Mafia

On the right we have the undaunted, do-it-yourselfers: “BigDawg Music Mafia“–concerned American citizens engaging in pop culture, extolling the indisputable virtues of our U.S. Constitution–something the fearless Andrew Breitbart so passionately fought for.

And now, a classic “In the Moment” with “General” Breitbart.

Since its inception Malibu Mafia members have actively worked with secret front groups or “bundlers” to fund Liberal candidates. Their “coup” on our American culture was not, however, an overnight proposition.

Climb aboard the “Wayback Machine” as we highlight events and people illustrative of the connectivity between culture and politics.


Communists, Marxists, and Raids, Oh My: 1900s & 1910s 

  • Progressive Era” activists fought to reform local government
  • Early Hollywood – a popular tourist hot spot where alcohol, gambling, prostitution and oil wells were prohibited
  • “Red Scare One” – Communist Party USA (CPUSA) established; thousands of suspected “reds” deported (“Palmer Raids”)
  • Controversial Birth of a Nation – first movie shown at the White House

Prohibition & Censorship – The “Crazy Years”: 1920s:

  • “Roaring Twenties” – Woodrow Wilson’s progressive ideas/New World Order plans rejected
  • Prohibition of alcohol (Chicago Mafia profits)
  • Government censorship/SCOTUS ruling: Movies were not covered under 1st Amendment

Leap Forward into the “Great Depression”: 1930s:

  • Roosevelt’s “New Deal” rejected
  • Popular Front strategy used to control film and music content
  • Hollywood’ studio heads (mostly Jewish) willingly gave Nazi Party total veto power
  • V.J. Jerome (CPUSA’s cultural commissar), recruited members, organized unions, and raised money for Hollywood Anti-Nazi League

The Mob Stop – ” Dust Bowl Years”: 1940’s:

  • “The Outfit” (Chicago Mob) extorted Hollywood labor unions to influence film content
  • Office of War Information (OWI) – Government used all forms of media to disseminate propaganda
  • Red Scare Two” – McCarthy launched probe to identify communists in America
  • “Blacklisting” by House Committee for Un-American Activities began

Final destination: Tag along with “Me First” to 1972:


Sen. George McGovern’s anti-war Presidential campaign, funded by billionaire philanthropist, Max Palevsky with a coalition of Hollywood’s wealthiest liberals, each of whom donated $1M ($5.5M today), ended the “Blacklist.” The “Malibu Mafia” was born and Hollywood’s major “Star Power,” officially became the “Democrats’ ATM.”

The Vietnam War was the catalyst to widespread activism; liberals were on the march to actively infiltrate and subvert every American institution. The Senate record on “Communist Goals” indicates many liberal goals are mirror reflections of Communist goals. The film industry is not alone, however, in spreading propaganda.

Woody Guthrie

The use of popular music for political purposes dates back to CPUSA’s 1930s Popular Front. Woodstock was a direct reflection of the Civil Rights Movement and Anti-War (Vietnam). Folk singers Pete Seeger and Woodie Guthrie were hugely influential in promoting liberal/communist messages through music.

Liberals continue to employ culture as a weapon. Just last year on MTV, President Obama said listening to Bob Marley during his college years raised his political awareness. He challenged musicians to “get political.” In discussing the music of the Anti-War Movement he said:

I would hope that we’re gonna see more of that … You can set the world on fire in a positive way.

President Barack Obama told Rolling Stone Magazine he’s a fan of rapper Lil Wayne, who recently stomped on Old Glory, in a music video referencing a “Godless America” and promotes the chilling “game” called “Knockout” (in Florida it’s called “polar bear hunting”).

Is this what the President meant by “set(ting) the world on fire in a positive way?”

Jay-Z has gone platinum with his new single defending his recent trip to Cuba. It’s a free download for new Samsung phone purchasers. The music is downloaded with a data-mining application giving access to users’ personal information; he now has something in common with NSA. Will there soon be similar digital “music” preloaded onto “free” (taxpayer-funded) “Obama phones?”


Today’s entertainment industry is rife with left-wingers who, much like the Malibu Mafia, solicit funds for liberal candidates, advocate/endorse climate change, gun control and Obamacare. Rolling Stone (rescued in 1970 from financial ruin by Malibu Mafia founder, Max Palevsky) is now glamorizing a terrorist. Celebrity reaction to the George Zimmerman trial speaks volumes. The White House has even pressured the National Endowment for the Arts to promote its agenda through the arts.

Those who can harness the power of music and the arts have a significant advantage in swaying public opinion. 

Conservative/Libertarian artists generally keep politics on the “down low” because those who dare come out of the closet are excoriated by the left and even by some on the right.

It would not be much of a stretch to say we could very well be in “Red Scare 3.”

McCarthy tweets

DYK: Tweeting variations of the words “Communism,” “Socialism” and “Marxism” receive automated, nonsensical replies from “Robot J. McCarthy” (@RedScareBot”) with the intent to ridicule.

Saul Alinsky’s 5th rule in “Rules for Radicals”:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon … you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments.”

The list of Twitter users @RedScareBot follows includes several prominent conservatives. LTC (ret) Allen West, who is on that list, was excoriated when he alleged 78-81 members of the Democratic Party were members of the “Communist Party.” He did not name names but suggested looking into the Congressional Progressive Caucus, founded by the Democratic Socialists of America.


Breitbart repeatedly warned us of how our country would be destroyed–through our culture.

There are some who truly understand how culture impacts politics. Convincing others (some of whom taint ‘conservative grassroots’ with their fear-mongering ways; perpetuating the “tin-foil-hat-wearing,” “racists” labels given to TEA Partiers) however, has been a daunting task. Liberals in Hollywood are calling the shots. Those with different ‘cultural views’ feel compelled to “remain in the closet” and stay off the blacklist.

Liberals promote collectivism–the antithesis of individualism. They view individualists as selfish and rebellious. They’re right about the latter; the only true rebels in the artistic community today are Conservatives and Libertarians. That American “Spirit of Individualism” is at the heart and soul of our culture today.

One of America’s most extraordinary strengths is her ability to work together for the common good when called to do so while rising above the fray. Just as the majestic eagle soars above storm clouds, our entrepreneurial spirit propels us forward with relentless tenacity. In the face of this adversity we find innovative ways to educate fellow Freedom Fighters to counter tactics Liberals use to undermine our institutions. How you ask? We can unequivocally reply (without sugar coating): “It’s the Culture, Stupid.”

Hollywood dog

This brings us to the “Other Mafia.”

Some origins of the often-maligned Tea Party (igniting sparks during the Clinton years) have the “FReepers” as the first conservatives off the GOP plantation. Ron Paul (a.k.a. The Godfather of the TEA Party) re-enacted the original Boston Tea Party in his 2007 bid for President. Knowing what was coming with the new Administration, TEA Party groups sprang up like wildfire.after Rick Santelli’s, epic rant in Feb 2009 – giving birth to another chapter in our pop culture history.

The emergence of hundreds of new Tea Party groups sparked a ground swell of American pride. While millions made protest signs for rallies, musicians grabbed their axes and pens and began composing songs to empower and inform, adding their voices to the fight.

BigDawg Music Mafia (BDMM) launched in 2010 to give like-minded artists a friendlier platform to share their craft, many of whom are multi-talented painters, graphic artists, filmmakers, photographers, and more. Breitbarts’ Cultural Awakening had commenced.

BDMM made its debut at CPAC 2011 and BigDawg Music Radio (BDMR) became the first-ever all-Conservative / Libertarian ‘music’ radio station to broadcast live from CPAC 2013 “Radio Row.”

While the Tea Party has changed the political landscape in Washington, right-leaning, artists at ‘BigDawg Music Mafia’ continue to ‘Fight the Power’ and transcend arbitrary boundaries of pop culture using music and arts to bridge cultural gaps. Culture is mental software; it’s time for an upgrade America.

It boils down this: Liberals in the arts will continue raising funds, feeding the propaganda machine, voting for ‘progressives’ in spite of disappointments and blacklisting those who oppose them.

We can continue to “starve” right-leaning artists, by lamenting they are “just not good enough” (what might not be your “cup of tea” could be featured in the next major motion picture) or we can start “feeding” America’s creative freedom fighters passionately striving to change the cultural landscape.

Breitbart said:

Pop culture matters and anyone that can figure out how to successfully wield it as a means to get out the message is likely going to win.

Time to put your feet to your faith; turn passion into action with shoutouts, hat tips, and good ol’ fashioned word of mouth. Regardless of your political leaning, tyranny is on the march in the United States of America; but so is Freedom.

Which one will dominate us? It’s up to you.

(Art accompanying article by Richard Gibbs)


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