Jennifer Lawrence: Calling People Fat on TV Should Be Illegal

Jennifer Lawrence: Calling People Fat on TV Should Be Illegal

Actress Jennifer Lawrence seems too good to be true.

She’s a gifted actress, an uncommon beauty and a celebrity who exudes an Everyperson radiance during interviews despite a crush of fame.

The American Hustle star’s take on speech in the media may need some tinkering, alas.

Here’s Lawrence, whose raucous turn in Hustle should net her a Best Supporting Actress nomination, sharing her thoughts on media types calling people fat with Barbara Walters.

Because why is humiliating people funny?” the 23-year-old “American Hustle” star said in an interview (above) set to air during Walters’ final year-end special. “I just think it should be illegal to call somebody fat on TV….

Lawrence says she is no saint when it comes to saying disparaging things about others, but she contends those who work on TV should be held to a higher, more legal standard.

“I get it, and, and I do it too, we all do it. [But] the media needs to take responsibility for the effect that it has on our younger generation, on these girls who are watching these television shows, and picking up how to talk and how to be cool,” Lawrence said.  “I mean, if we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words, because of the effect they have on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?