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Box Office Predictions: 'Lego Movie' Wins, 'Monuments Men' First Big Flop of 2014

Box Office Predictions: 'Lego Movie' Wins, 'Monuments Men' First Big Flop of 2014

Last week, Ride Along did reach three consecutive weekends at the top. Easily one of the hardest feats to accomplish in entertainment. Most impressive. This weekend features some box office highs and lows.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. The Lego Movie ($48 million) – No question here. Lego has had success in straight-to-DVD films and internet videos, but translating that success to the big screen was always a gamble. Still, the frame is strong, and early buzz indicates younger audiences are already on board. So, full speed ahead.

2. The Monuments Men ($18 million)– Thanks to films like Lone Survivor, January’s box office was the highest in years. This film, however, will significantly impact the box office frame. Having George Clooney and Matt Damon as leads in a war picture was already a tough sell (based on their previous box office entries), and this one also suffers from low buzz and horrible early reviews. Film will be the first significant flop of the new year.

3. Vampire Academy ($7.4 million)– Like I, Frankenstein before it, this film will struggle to reach a double-digit opening. Previous vampire entries like the Underworld films have done well in the winter frame, but they didn’t start in the winter frame. The first Underworld film was released during the fall; then later sequels were released in January. Look for a low result here.

4. Ride Along ($6.8 million) – Film will easily break the $100 million mark this weekend. Whether it can catch Lone Survivor to be the year’s top grosser so far is hard to say, but another solid top five finish will definitely help.

5. Frozen ($6 million)– It wasn’t so long ago that Disney was told to make their animated films more “political” because young girls don’t want to be princesses anymore, and young boys have no interest in being heroes. They said sticking to such strategies would only lead to financial ruin. With this film now passing the $365 million domestic mark, how hilarious is that theory now? Tell you what, Hollywood elites, you stick with Monuments Men and flop horrendously while entities like Walt Disney will just continue to make large amounts of money. Sound fair?

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great weekend.


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