'House of Cards' Vows to Leave Maryland if Tax Credits Aren't Increased

'House of Cards' Vows to Leave Maryland if Tax Credits Aren't Increased

It seems like nothing can stop the cultural juggernaut known as Netflix’s House of Cards series.

Nothing, perhaps, besides a fight over tax credits.

Hollywood once more is scrambling for every tax credit it can grab. This time, the battle involves the popular streaming series starring Kevin Spacey as a ruthless Democratic politician.

Season 3 of Netflix’s House Of Cards is holding off on beginning production until mid-June pending the outcome of two separate bills in the Maryland Legislature that would ensure another season of lucrative state tax breaks for the political drama …

The letter the company sent to Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley says it all. Here’s a highlight:

In the meantime I wanted you to be aware that we are required to look at other states in which to film on the off chance that the legislation does not pass, or does not cover the amount of tax credits for which we would qualify. I am sure you can understand that we would not be responsible financiers and a successful production company if we did not have viable options available.

Hollywood routinely leans left and supports policies and politicians which deny the power of tax breaks to spark economic growth. Yet studios and producers alike flock to states which offer sizable tax breaks for film and television productions.