Hollywood Playbook: Monday's Top 5 News Stories

Hollywood Playbook: Monday's Top 5 News Stories

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

Unfortunately (or not), I was traveling last night during the 86th Annual Academy Awards and didn’t see a moment of it. Judging by The Hollywood Reporter’s withering review and the Twitter response, it was another unmemorable evening.

Few takeaways:

-The fact that Gaypocalypse in Arizona was not mentioned once, by host Ellen Degeneres or anyone else, is a mind-blower. Obviously, Hollywood has finally figured out that divisive political blow-hardiness is bad for business.

-There doesn’t appear to have been any surprise wins, which is never a good thing.

-Matthew McConaughey’s comeback is truly remarkable. Going from the shirtless rom-com guy to one of only 86 people in history to hold a Best Actor Oscar is quite an achievement. I’m not interested in seeing the movie he was in, but more power to him. He seems like a legitimately decent guy and who doesn’t like a coeback.

-The Best Picture winner, “12 Years a Slave” grossed only $50 million at the box office. Pretty much no one has seen this movie.

-The ratings are looking pretty meh. Oscar has managed to stop the bleeding but the glory days are long gone.

-Lucky Russians.

– Early ratings show a meh. The Academy stopped the bleeding but the glory days are over.

Apple Chief: Don’t Buy My Product If You Don’t Believe In Unicorns

True story: I am on the road. Far from home. This very morning, while I was reading this story about Apple Chief Tim Cook telling those of us who don’t belive in the the left-wing hoax that is Global Warming not to buy his product, my laptop took its final crap.

Had to buy a new one. Just got back with it.

It’s a PC.

Oh, and I would love to hear the media if a Christian CEO said that people who believe in abortion shouldn’t buy from him.

‘Son of God’ Reaps $26.5 Million/’Anchorman 2′ Recut Dies

This is absolutely remarkable and proves how hungry people are for Christian entertainment at the multi-plex. Though more material was added, “Son of God” was basically a re-broadcast of what millions have already seen on “The Bible” miniseries and DVD. Still, $26.5 million tickets were sold.

Compare that to a new R-rated cut of “Anchorman 2” that was released this same weekend. It made only $1.3 million. Per screen, the comparison is even more striking: $8,000 per compared to $1,000 per.

Married co-producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey just can’t be given enough credit for not only producing something pretty wonderful, but also aiming for an audience and hitting the bulls-eye — not only with the final product but also the marketing.

Friday afternoon I jumped into a “Son of God” screening: Well, made, extremely moving… Perfect for the upcoming Lenten season.

Recommendation: Bates Motel

The second season of “Bates Motel” has either just started or is about to start on A&E. The first season, however, can be streamed in full on both Netflix and Amazon Prime, and is terrific.

The show is a prequel set in modern time. Norman, his mother, and all of their secrets take over a roadside motel in a town with even more secrets. While being faithful to the mythology, “Bates Motel” expands on it with everything going on around them — which actually helps to explain how Norman and his mother were psychologically pushed into a very dark place.

Vera Farmiga plays “mother” and digs in with both hands with what is a very well-writen role.

Considering the subject-matter and what we are seeing on cable these days as far as langauge, sexualty, and volence — “Bates Motel” is suprisingly tame and much better than the new “Hannibal” TV series.

Liam Neeson’s ‘Non-Stop’ Delivers Ugliest Left-Wing Sucker Punch In Years

From my Saturday review:

There is no question that “Non-Stop” is a well-made, involving, not-terribly-dumb action-thriller that delivers plenty of suspense and endears Liam Neeson further into the heart of those of us who love well-made, involving, not-terribly-dumb action-thrillers. “Non-Stop” is a good movie. Heck, it is darn near very good. But the left-wing sucker punch at the end is a new low, even for Hollywood.

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