'2016: Obama's America' Team Vows to Take on Progressives, Support Pro-American Content

'2016: Obama's America' Team Vows to Take on Progressives, Support Pro-American Content

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — For eight years Hollywood savaged President George W. Bush with speeches, feature films and documentaries. The Commander in Chief held his tongue and let democracy take its course.

Yet Dinesh D’Souza wasn’t surprised when BarackObama.com directly attacked the one documentary overtly critical of him–D’Souza’s smash 2012 hit 2016: Obama’s America.

He knew it was coming

D’Souza, who attended CPAC Friday to debut the trailer for his new film, America, told Breitbart News that Obama’s attack reflects who he is. The author turned filmmaker had studied Obama so intently by that point that such behavior was expected.

“I think I have his vibe,” he said.

Earlier in the day, D’Souza predicted what Obama would think of his upcoming film.

“If he was upset about the last film, wait ’til he sees the new one,” he said. America, hitting theaters July 4, attacks the progressive notion that both America and its capitalistic system is built on theft, not greatness. The film imagines what the world would be like if America the nation never happened.

D’Souza, currently the focus of an investigation into allegedly violating campaign finance laws, says conservatives have had his back on the issue. Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican, is among D’Souza’s more vocal backers against the charges. The filmmaker also received support from someone who shares a totally different ideological perspective-famed litigator Alan Dershowitz.

John Sullivan, who co-directed 2016: Obama’s America and is directing its follow up, says that typically a hit like 2016 would open up some sizable doors in Hollywood.

That hasn’t been the case, Sullivan says.

The industry meetings are a little more comfortable of late, but Sullivan says he still meets resistance on what appear to be lucrative box office themes–faith-based, pro-American stories.

“You have to give me a different reason for not getting into this space,” Sullivan tells them. So far, they have yet to provide a compelling answer, he says.

As a conservative, “The door’s never really open for you,” he says, but that won’t stop him from “breaking” down doors on his own in the months and years to come.

Sullivan hopes that will involve both film and TV projects featuring characters Americans already know and love, like George Washington, Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson.

“These big historical figures haven’t been given their due,” he says.


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