Hollywood Preparing Next Celeb in Chief for 2016?

Hollywood Preparing Next Celeb in Chief for 2016?

Is America ready for its second consecutive Celebrity in Chief?

Hollywood helped elect President Barack Obama twice, using its cash, collective marketing muscle and pop culture clout.

Now, even as Obama’s popularity craters, he remains beloved by the industry. Comedy taste makers like Judd Apatow declare him immensely funny while Zach Galifianakis and Ellen DeGeneres disregard consumer outrage to help him pitch his flailing ObamaCare program.

He’s the Selfie in Chief, and who cares if his signature legislative achievement is crumbling, the economy remains in the doldrums or Russia is mocking his attempts to restrain its newest aggression?

Saturday, Jimmy Kimmel got into the political selfie game by taking a snapshot with the Clintons–former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Could this be a taste of 2016’s race, Hollywood style?

It’s easy to discard the newest selfie as a goofy, pop-culture savvy image. The lessons of 2008 and 2012 tell a different story.

The country, coaxed by Hollywood taste makers, elected a president with little track record of note and, later, few accomplishments to applaud. Now, the industry is gearing up to do the same with Mrs. Clinton. A recent poll says her greatest selling point is her gender. And when her fans were informally polled recently they couldn’t name a single accomplishment she could trumpet from her political career.

Content, achievement and a strong political record are so 2007.

The left has the infrastructure in place to make pop culture icons out of politicians. The show Parks and Recreation already has Hillary worship part of its comedy DNA. Could much, much more be awaiting consumers?

Who cares about Benghazi or vast right wing conspiracies if Clinton is suddenly the selfie du jour, the celebrities’ choice to lead our nation next?