Critics Hate 'America,' Public Gives Patriotic Docudrama A+

Critics Hate 'America,' Public Gives Patriotic Docudrama A+

In case we needed any more proof of the disconnect between mainstream movie critics and the public … enter America.

The new docudrama from the team behind 2016: Obama’s America, earned some of the surliest reviews in recent memory. Critics sniffed the film was “odious,” “hypocritical,” and filled with “outright lies.” One august reporter directly told readers not to see the film.

Here’s how the critic at starts his review:

In 2012, political commentator, author, disgraced former university president and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza

Others reveal their news biases directly, like this critique in the Salt Lake Tribune:

The real question for “America” is why like-minded viewers would pay money to hear the same conspiracy theories Fox News spews for free.

Yet the film earned an “A+” CinemaScore mark, something very rare in today’s movie world. According to America’s press team, the docudrama joins a group of 52 films (like Titanic, The King’s Speech) which also earned that grade.

Film critics routinely let their biases shine through in their reviews. Consider the love directed at far-left filmmaker Michael Moore through the years.

Critics are allowed to weigh in on any film, of course, but when the tone of said reviews reaches the hysterical pitch found in many America diatribes it’s clear critical assessment isn’t the only factor in play.

The critic-public disconnect didn’t surprise the folks who brought America to the masses.

“In our film we talk about the shaming of America and how progressive elites attempt to silence the average American,” says America producer Gerald Molen of Schindler’s List fame. “True to form, some critics have attacked the film in ways that I’ve never seen before and yet actual filmgoers have given it the highest rating of any film this year. The people have spoken and we’re thrilled with their support and look forward to America’s continued rollout.


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