Lena Dunham Tweets Excuses for Her Alleged-Rapist: Not a 'Clear Cut Villain'

Lena Dunham Tweets Excuses for Her Alleged-Rapist: Not a 'Clear Cut Villain'

According to Lena Dunham’s memoir “Not That Kind of Girl,” the same man who allegedly raped her and hurt two other women is still on the loose.

According to our own reporting, Dunham has not volunteered to cooperate with authorities in order to get her rapist off the street.

Early Saturday morning, Dunham appeared to tweet excuses for the man she claims raped her.

During a book tour appearance earlier this month, Dunham told Howard Stern that not all rapists are “straight-forward villains.” Dunham’s tweets, though, represent the first time she appears to have made excuses for the man she claims sexually assaulted her as 19 year-old Oberlin College student.

Directing her Twitter comments at “certain ‘news’ outlets” that questioned her rape tale (something Breitbart News has not done) Dunham wrote that “Some men are enraged by stories of sexual assault that don’t have clear cut villains, pimps or men with guns…”

Another Dunham tweet suggested that “stories [of sexual assault] force [men]to ask hard questions about their history with consent.” There were five tweets in all. They are embedded below.

In her memoir, Dunham does not describe her rapist as a “pimp” or a “man with a gun.” The man she calls Barry does, however, come off as a “clear-cut villain.”

Dunham not only alleges that Barry raped her but that he did so without a condom. Moreover, Dunham shares stories she heard about Barry punching another woman “in the boobs” and leaving a wall “spattered with blood” after a consensual sexual encounter with a third woman.

Scientific studies show that Barry is almost certain to continue to hurt women until he is incarcerated.

This makes Dunham’s unwillingness to cooperate with the local police all the more baffling.

As far as Dunham’s refusal to declare the “mustachioed campus Republican” who allegedly raped her and hurt two other women a “clear-cut villain,” that’s just bizarre.

If a rapist and serial abuser of women is not a clear cut villain, no one is. This kind of dissembling and excuse-making just doesn’t fit with Dunham’s highly-publicized role as a campus rape activist.

Dunham appears to believe men can’t possibly understand what she went through. This might be true. What Dunham doesn’t appear to understand is that men like myself, who adore and cherish the women in their life, desperately want rapists confronted, charged, and jailed.

That statute of limitations for rape in the state where Dunham says she was assaulted (Ohio) is 20 years. The alleged incident occurred less than 10 years ago. While we should be sympathetic with the difficult emotional process Dunham went through over the years to come to terms with what she believed happened to her, now that she has, she has a responsibility as a citizen, in her role as a campus rape activist, and to Barry’s next potential victim to come forward and press charges.  

Instead, Dunham has thus far chosen not to cooperate with authorities and is now making excuses for a man she’s labeled a rapist.  

Dunham cannot claim to hold the moral high ground and sanctimoniously lecture the rest of us about rape and “no means no” while she refuses to lift a finger to get an alleged rapist off the street.

Breitbart News has spoken to Oberlin College and the Oberlin Police Department. Both institutions are aware of Dunham’s charges and are taking them seriously.

At this point, only Lena Dunham can protect Barry’s next victim, and for some unfathomable reason she is refusing to do so. 

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