Shia LaBeouf: I Was Raped During Performance Art Exhibit

Shia LaBeouf: I Was Raped During Performance Art Exhibit

Shia LaBeouf told a reporter with Dazed Digital magazine that he was raped by a woman on Valentine’s Day.

The alleged incident took place in February during the actor’s weeklong art performance exhibit in Los Angeles titled; #IAmSorry. 

During the bizarre exhibit, LaBeouf allowed strangers to enter a room to find him sitting alone in a chair with a paper bag over his head which read: “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.” 

People were then permitted to say or do anything they wanted to the former Disney star.

Through an exchange of emails to a reporter with the magazine this week, LaBeouf revealed details of the alleged attack:

One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me.

There were hundreds of people in line when she walked out with disheveled hair and smudged lipstick. It was no good, not just for me but her man as well. On top of that my girl (actress Mia Goth) was in line to see me, because it was Valentine’s Day and I was living in the gallery for the duration of the event — we were separated for five days, no communication. 

So it really hurt her as well, as I guess the news of it traveled through the line. When she came in she asked for an explanation, and I couldn’t speak, so we both sat with this unexplained trauma silently. It was painful.

LaBouf didn’t specify as to whether or not he initially reported the alleged rape to law enforcement, but he did say he tried to reach out for help during his silent performance. 

The actor said he became frustrated by those who just wanted to take a selfie, or tried to take the paper bag off of his head. However, others were more comforting, according to LaBeouf.

“Some would hold my hand and cry with me, some would tell me to ‘figure it out’ or to ‘be a man.’ I’ve never experienced love like that; empathy, humanity,” he said.

After two weeks of corresponding via email, LaBeouf finally sat with British reporter and new pen-pal Aimee Cliff in silence for one hour. 

Both were sporting GoPros on their heads as they exchanged awkward stares and a few laughs in between.

In the email interview, LaBeouf recounted details of his childhood and also described how he longed for a family life similar to the McCallister’s from the 1990 classic Home Alone. He also expressed resentment for his father. 

“I always had a f****d up view on masculinity,’ he said. “My father [Jeffrey] was a gun nut like Hemingway. He was also a junkie and a bully, mainly to prove he wasn’t effeminate, even though he was a painter and a poet, a mime, and a storyteller.”

Watch: Inside Shia LaBeouf’s Los Angeles Art Installation, via Daily Mail


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