Jolie Called a ‘Spoiled Brat,’ Cleopatra Remake an ‘Ego Bath,’ in Hacked Sony Emails

Jolie Called a ‘Spoiled Brat,’ Cleopatra Remake an ‘Ego Bath,’ in Hacked Sony Emails

In the wake of the unprecedented cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio’s closely guarded secrets have continually found their way into headlines.  

The latest data leak, released Tuesday, reveals email exchanges between studio co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin, which tell of the duo’s disdain for projects, stars, and each other, reports Variety.  

Angelina Jolie found herself the subject of several of the leaked emails, reportedly taking place from Feb. 27 to Nov. 19 of this year.  

Jolie objected to David Fincher’s role as director of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, instead of her remake of Cleopatra

Pascal reportedly asked Rudin, a producer on Jobs, to talk to the actress about it, but Rudin refused, saying he didn’t “want to waste time on this.”  


He went on to criticize the idea of Jolie’s Cleopatra, calling her a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”

The alleged email from Rudin to Pascal said:  

I’m not remotely interested in presiding over a $180m ego bath that we both know will be the career-defining debacle for us both.  

I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie.  

I have no desire to be making a movie with her, or anybody, that she runs and that we don’t. She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.  

We will end up being the laughing stock of our industry and we will deserve it, which is so clearly where this is headed that I cannot believe we are still wasting our time with it.  

The Steve Jobs film eventually moved to Universal Pictures.  

Rudin continued to target Pascal in another email, writing:  

You’ve destroyed your relationships with half the town over how you’ve behaved on this movie..

If you don’t think it’s true, wait and see. Let’s see the next filmmaker WME puts in business at Sony or the next piece of star talent. I’ll bet my house I’m right.  

Pascal then forwarded the rant from Rudin about Jobs moving to Universal to another Sony executive, saying, “Get rid of him.”  

Rudin also targeted financier Megan Ellison, whose Annapurna Pictures had seeked to finance Jobs while it was still with Sony.  

He referred to Ellison as a “bipolar 28-year-old lunatic,” implying she needed to take her “meds” to get the production off the ground.  

Ellison responded to Rudin’s remarks on Twitter Tuesday evening:  

Bipolar 28 year old lunatic..? I always thought of myself more as eccentric.

— Megan Ellison (@meganeellison) December 10, 2014

Gawker has also published an email by David Fincher, who called Adam Driver a “horrible idea” to play the role of the villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  

The group suspected of being behind the hack, the Guardians of Peace, promised to release Sony’s deepest secrets to the public on November 24.

“We’ve obtained all your internal data including your secrets and topsecrets,” the group said. “If you don’t obey us, we’ll release datashown below to the world.”

The group has followed through with the promise and has been releasing new information, almost daily.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment on the latest information leak.


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