Jane Fonda to Build Shrine to Herself: ‘The Idea Came to Me While I Was Meditating’

Creative Commons/Dutch National Archives
Creative Commons/Dutch National Archives

Jane Fonda is reportedly building a “shrine” to herself, which she hopes will boost her self-confidence.

The 77-year-old actress posted a blog piece to her website on her birthday this past Sunday. She went into detail about her new project, and explained why she’s doing it.

“I’ve found myself backsliding a bit of late in terms of where my thoughts have tended to reside (not always with the generosity of vision I wish for) and my confidence has been iffy for the past four months,” she wrote.

“So, while meditating today an idea came to me: I’m going to create a shrine to myself-or, at least, the self I wish to be,” she added.

Fonda said the shrine will pay tribute to the young girl she once was, “before the sh*t hit the fan.”

In the blog piece, the actress revealed how she will place items in a confined space that she feels best represent her. They will also serve as a reminder of her bravery.

These items include her fourth grade school report, a candle, sandalwood, and Native American artifacts in honor of Mohawk Nation, where her ancestors built their homestead.

Fonda also reflected on the meaning of Christmas. She said it’s a time in which she dwells on the meaning of Jesus’ birth, and what his life and death represent to her.

“Personally, I like to concentrate more on his life but I guess that’s why I’m a small ‘c’ christian who’s fascinated by the Gnostic Gospels (the ones deemed not worthy of inclusion in the cannon) and dips into Buddhism as often possible,” she said.

The actress also described her perfect “Winter Solstice birthday” in which she worked out for an hour, climbed a mountain, poured baby oil into her hot bath, and meditated for approximately one hour.


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