CBS’ ‘Undercover Boss’ Offers Breast Implants to Employee, Fires Another for Not Wearing Bikini Top

Undercover Boss / YouTube
Undercover Boss / YouTube

On Sunday’s episode of CBS’ Undercover Boss, a waitress at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill was promised a gift never before seen on the show: fake breasts.

Restaurant CEO and founder, Doug Guller, went undercover as an employee named “Jake.” When getting acquainted with his employees, he learned that Grace wanted a pair of “full Cs.”

“If I had new boobs, this makes my job so much easier,” Grace told her boss, according to the Washington Post. “Like, I don’t have to talk as much, because they do all the talking. This is Texas – the bigger the better!”

Guller eventually revealed himself and offered the young woman a compromise if she were to curb her work habits.

“I was really happy with what I saw today. I think Grace is full of energy. She’s positive,” said Guller. “There was a few areas where I think she lacked focus. But if Grace is given a little bit more training, I think that she can correct these problems, absolutely.”

The two had a warm exchange, and Guller gave his new star employee a bit of good news. He offered her a promotion to assist with marketing, and a solution for her problem.

“Am I getting a free pair of boobies today?” Grace asked excitedly.

“Is that what you want?” Guller asked.

“Yes, I want a full C,” Grace confirmed.

“So I’ll make you a deal,” Guller said. “If you can make it through six months and you’re a rock star. . . I’m gonna put you in touch with the best guy in town, and we’ll make this happen.”

The episode of the show, which sends company heads undercover into their own businesses to learn what life is like on the more monotonous side, has since drawn harsh criticism.

Guller’s reference to his chain restaurants as “breastaurants,” along with his termination of a female employee for refusing to wear her bikini top, was ill-received on Twitter. Some have even called the episode a “Hooters knockoff.”

Guller also gave a kitchen supervisor a 30 percent raise and $10,000 so he could take his family on vacation. Additionally, he offered to pay for medical care for another employee.

“I just want to sell more burgers and more beers,” said Guller on the publicity of the show. “And if I have to do that via stunts, so be it.”