‘Savages’: Michael Moore Spreads Lies About ‘American Sniper’


After backing off his weekend attack on “American Sniper” hero Chris Kyle, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted out the lie that “Iraqis are called savages throughout the film.”

That is a provable bald-faced lie. The only evil savages called evil savages in “American Sniper” are the terrorists.

Moore is part of the left-wing campaign in Hollywood and the media to hurt the Oscar chances for “American Sniper.” Their secondary goal is to dissuade other studios and filmmakers from attempting to recreate “American Sniper’s” success. The last thing the left wants is a flood of pro-troop, pro-War on Terror films that tell the truth about our troops, their mission, and the evil savages that are our enemy.

REMINDER: If Michael Moore had had his way, every innocent Iraqi would be dead today. That’s a fact. While Chris Kyle served 4 tours of duty protecting Marines and Iraqi civilians, Michael Moore got fatter and richer with propaganda demanding we abandon 25 million Iraqi civilians into a terrorist/death squad meat grinder.


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