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Mia Farrow Defends Brian Williams, Decries Attackers as ‘Wolves’


Actress Mia Farrow is on Team Brian Williams. Still.

The Broadway Danny Rose star used Twitter to defend the embattled NBC anchor after he apologized for claiming to have flown in a U.S. military helicopter hit by an RPG.

Farrow, mother of low-rated MSNBC anchor Ronan Farrow, claims Williams’ apology should be more than enough.

Of course, that apology also has come under fire.

Other celebrities are mixed on how to process Williams’ lie.

“The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell clashed anew over the Williams kerfuffle. O’Donnell compared Williams’ lie to Lance Armstrong’s insistence he didn’t take performance enhancing drugs over an extended period. Goldberg, who often battles with O’Donnell on the troubled show, said it was a mistake many of us might make.

Jimmy Fallon, NBC’s late night humorist, is holding his comic fire for now. That wasn’t the case with Conan O’Brien. The veteran host followed the lead of many Twitter humorists by inserting Williams into other historic events to mock his plight.

Conservative actor James Woods didn’t hold back with his Williams critiques. The Onion Field actor also questioned whether the anchor’s Katrina reporting passed the smell test.

Woods also put the Williams imbroglio into context, given NBC’s current staff.


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