Mariel Hemingway Says Woody Allen Tried to Seduce Her When She was a Teen

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Director Woody Allen has spent the last year denying claims he sexually molested his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was only 7-years-old, and now he is being accused of allegations of misconduct with teenage co-star Mariel Hemingway after the production of 1979’s Manhattan.

Hemingway was 18-years-old when she starred as Allen’s girlfriend in the film, and she now reveals in her upcoming memoir that the actor/director, who was in his 40s at the time, appeared to hope their onscreen relationship would translate over to real life.

“Our relationship was platonic, but I started to see that he had a kind of crush on me, though I dismissed it as the kind of thing that seemed to happen any time middle-aged men got around young women,” she writes in her book, reports Fox News.

Hemingway recalls how Allen flew to visit her at her family home in Idaho after the conclusion of Manhattan, where he repeatedly invited her to Paris with him — something she says made her nervous.

The teenage granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway says she warned her parents: “I didn’t know what the arrangement was going to be, that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to have my own room. Woody hadn’t said that. He hadn’t even hinted it. But I wanted them to put their foot down. They didn’t. They kept lightly encouraging me.”

The now 53-year-old says she awoke in the middle of the night with Allen asleep in her home, “with the certain knowledge that I was an idiot. No one was going to get their own room. His plan, such as it was, involved being with me.”

She woke Allen up in the guest room, and asked: “I’m not going to get my own room, am I?” She then informed him: “I can’t go to Paris with you.”

Allen reportedly boarded his private jet the following morning and left Idaho, reports Fox. The following year, Allen began dating now ex-wife Mia Farrow. Allegations that Allen molested their adopted daughter, Dylan, began in 1992, when he and Mia split up after she found naked pictures of her adopted daughter, 19-year-old Soon-Yi Previn, in Allen’s possession. He later married Previn.

The memoir, titled Out Came the Sun, also tells of Hemingway’s struggles with family mental health issues, including the suicides of her legendary grandfather and sister, as well as her food and body image issues.

The book goes on sale April 7 and is described as: “a moving, compelling memoir about growing up and escaping the tragic legacy of mental illness, suicide, addiction, and depression in one of America’s most famous families: the Hemingways.”


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