New ‘Daily Show’ Host’s Twitter Feed Full of Gay, Fat, Jew, Asian Jokes

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Trevor Noah, the 31 year-old South African comedian hand-picked by Jon Stewart and Comedy Central to replace Stewart, has a major Twitter problem on his hands. Being shot to superstardom often results in an instantaneous social media vetting, something Noah, Stewart, and Comedy Central were apparently unaware of. It’s fairly obvious no one in charge vetted Noah’s Twitter feed or they just didn’t care that it is loaded with jokes aimed at gays, Asians, the overweight, and Jews.

This revelation is especially interesting after learning that Noah has already trashed America as racist. The hypocrisy of Jon Stewart is just as glaring. Stewart has spent most of his career at the Daily Show playing America’s Speech Sheriff.

Hopefully these tweets will not cost Noah his new gig. It will be fun to resurrect these tweets every time Noah calls America racist, which he obviously intends to do frequently.

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