Digital Release: Disney Continues Tradition of Cynical ‘Star Wars’ Cash Grabs


Over Christmas, for less than eight bucks a pop, I purchased “Gravity,” “The Conjuring,” Man of Steel,” “Riddick,” and the new “Godzilla” reboot on Bluray. With all of those titles came a free digital copy that is currently stored on my VUDU account. From anywhere, and on any device, I can watch these films whenever I like. Best of all, if something happens to my Bluray, I have a back up copy.

Five terrific films and a digital copy for less than eight bucks each.

Oh how my heart breaks for you “Star Wars” fanatics.

If, when it was first released a couple of years ago, you purchased the complete “Star Wars” saga on Bluray for $140, you did not get digital copies. But in the fine tradition of the endless parade of George Lucas cash grabs, starting April 10, Disney (who now owns Lucasfilm) will allow you to own a digital copy of these six films for  — wait for it, wait for it — $20 a pop. If you purchase all six “Star Wars” films in a digital bundle, the cost is only $90.

Hey, you just spend a total of $230 for six films — three of which you don’t really like, three of which are not the original films you remember and love.

With the government’s share, that adds up to FORTY DOLLARS per title, chump.

And you just know that sometime in the future Disney is going to release the original cuts of the original trilogy on Bluray. And if past is prologue, those treasures will only be available in a package that makes you purchase again what you already purchased.

George Lucas was notorious for doing the same thing: gouging the hell out of his fans with different home video versions released at different times; one version always lacking something; the next version somehow completing that version while making you buy once again what you already had.

I’m not spending another penny making Hollywood socialists like Greedy George richer until I can watch Han shoot first in 1080p, or the current titles drop to around $7 each.

It’s not that I’m cheap or don’t have the money — I just hate feeling conned.


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